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Winning In Linen: Our New Linen Range

21 November, 2022

Introducing our new range of lightweight linen fabrics, perfect for summer soirees in casual suits and blazers.

Light And Breezy.png

Battle the heat with lightweight premium linen, the easiest way to keep cool when the day (and dance floor) heats up.

Summer Colour.png

From chilled out creams and neutral browns to bold reds and everything in between, we’ve got a colour for every style, occasion and taste.

Casual Crinkles.png

It’s often said that it’s tough to keep linen wrinkle-free, but we say: let the texture fly. It’s part of the farm, and as long as you’re hanging your garment between wears, the easy-going wrinkles will add to the chilled-out vibes.

Custom Designs.png

Often you’ll find linen suits in limited colours, styles and fits, but when you’re custom designing your own garment, you can craft it exactly as you please. Add different lapels, buttons, pockets and whatever else your sartorial needs demand.

King Queen.png

Perfect fit is even more important for linen, as the wrinkles and texture can look slouchy and unintentional after a few wears. Luckily all of our garments are made-to-measure and guaranteed to fit, perfectly.

Explore our new linens here.


To start designing your own custom, tailored suit, shirt, blazer, chinos and more, try our online design tool, or alternatively make a video appointment or showroom appointment.

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