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InStitchu ships to most major countries. If you are unsure whether we ship to you then please visit our Contact Us Page and we will let you know. We offer FREE worldwide shipping on orders over $1200. For orders under $1200 there is a $30 flat rate shipping charge. Please note, when it comes to international shipping, the customer is liable for any income duties or taxes. Please also note that any online customer order that is placed outside of Australia will be charged in USD.

Delivery in Australia

There is free delivery to Australia for orders of $1200 or more. If your order is less than $1200 delivery costs $30. We use both couriers and Australia Post for deliveries in Australia, and we will choose the best delivery method to get your order to you as quickly as possible.

Shipping to the USA

Shipping to all addresses in the United States is free for orders over $1200. We charge a flat shipping rate of $30 for any orders under $1200.

Delivery in New Zealand

We deliver free in New Zealand for orders larger than $1200. The delivery charge is $30 for orders under $30.

United Kingdom Orders

Delivery to the UK is free for orders of $1200 or greater. Orders less than $1200 will have a flat fee of $30 charged for delivery.

Shipping to Canada

Canadian orders ship for free if they are over $1200. Orders under $1200 cost $30 for shipping.

Hong Kong Deliveries

Delivery to all Hong Kong addresses is free for orders of $1200 or more. If your order is under $1200 there is a flat fee of $30 to cover delivery.

Delivery to Singapore

We ship for free to Singapore for purchases over $1200. Purchases under $1200 cost $30 for delivery.

Delivery to France

We deliver to France free for all orders over $1200. Orders under $1200 cost $30 to deliver.

Shipping to Italy

Orders to Italy ship free if they are over $1200. Under $1200 costs $30 shipping. Please include your CAP and provincia when entering your address.

Japanese Delivery

We ship for free to Japan if your order is over $1200. If your order is less than $1200 we charge a flat fee of $30 for postage.

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