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Our Fabrics

Made From The Highest Quality, Natural Fibres

Mother Nature Is Our Source

All of our fabrics are crafted from natural fibres, meaning they are breathable, soft and the highest quality suiting fabrics available on the market.

To ensure a diverse and high quality fabric offering, we work with an array of leading artisanal suppliers around the world including (proudly) Australian Merino wool farmers, with all our wool fabrics being Woolmark certified, 100% Australian Merino wool.

Whether you’re looking for a business shirt, a new corporate suit or something more playful for weddings or special occasions, our collections of fabrics cover all occassions and weathers, with hundreds to choose from.

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The best fabric

Woolmark Certified 100% Australian Merino Wool

The king of natural fibres and the gold standard for suiting construction, wool is versatile, durable and breathable and thermoregulating—meaning you stay cool when it’s hot and warm when it’s cold. Natural elasticity and softness ensures immense comfort and an elegant drape on the body. All of our wool fabrics are Woolmark certified 100% Australian Merino wool.

Super 110s—Durable and elegant, superb for everyday wear.

Super 120s—A premium standard, equally suitable for work and special occasions.

Super 130s—An exquisite standard of wool best suited for special occasions and the finer moments in life (or for the clotheshorse with a range of suits in their weekly rotation).


InStitchu Core Range

  • A collection of our most celebrated and popular fabrics
  • Sourced from Mills all over the world
  • Woolmark Certified 100% Australian Merino Wool
  • Includes high quality linen, cotton and natural fibre blends
  • Australian Merino wool range: Super 110s – 150s
  • Suitable for day-to-day business, weddings and casual suits
  • Two Piece Suit Price from $699
Core fabric

InStitchu Premium Range

  • A collection of high quality, rare, unique and intricate fabrics
  • Sourced from Mills all over the world including the famed Dino Filarte label
  • Premium range features Woolmark Certified 100% Australian Merino Wool
  • Also includes high quality linen, cotton and some cashmere / silk blends
  • Australian Merino wool range: Super 110s – 180s
  • Two Piece Suit Price from $999
Premium fabric

InStitchu Luxury Range

  • A collection from the finest mills in the world
  • Sourced from Mills including Vitale Barberis Canonico, Stylbiella, Guabello, Reda, Drago and Zegna
  • Luxury range features Woolmark Certified 100% Australian & Italian Merino Wool
  • Also includes silks, cottons, linen, mohair and cashmere, often in unique and highly desirable blends
  • Australian Merino wool range: Super 110s – 150s
  • These are exquisite fabrics destined for impeccably crafted suits and coats.
  • Two Piece Suit Price from $1299
Lux fabric
Wool/Linen blend

Wool/Linen blend

A wool linen blend ensures the best of both fibres, coupling the light, breathable and casual characteristics of linen with the increased durability and versatility of wool.

Wool/Silk blend

Wool/Silk blend

Luxurious and lightweight, this blend combines the breathability and durability of wool with the elegance and drape of fine silk.



Especially good in warm climates, linen is immensely breathable and lightweight, offering a relaxed texture for a more casual approach to tailoring. Expect a little wrinkle in the fabric with wear—it adds to the Italian charm.



Durable and breathable, cotton maintains shape and structure with wear. Most commonly utilised for shirt fabrics, cotton also makes for a textured and casual suiting fabric, combining breathability and warmth. Our cotton shirt weaves include broadcloth, twill, chambray, oxford, poplin and wrinkle free.

Vitale Barberis Canonico

The iconic Italian mill Vitale Barberis Canonico (also known as VBC) is the oldest wool mill on the earth, founded in 1663. Drawing on generations of family experience and tradition the mill is headquartered in Prativero, in the province of Biella, and is still family operated. Their remarkable fabrics are utilised by the most celebrated and popular tailors and suiting brands in the world, from Savile Row to Milan and Australia.


A mill born in the Italian province of Biella, Stylbiella is the modern chapter of two brothers inspired by their father’s family business, a well-known cloth merchant and designer. Founded properly in 1974, for many years Stylbiella supplied to only Italian clothiers, working with household luxury brands like Versace and Zegna. As well as the iconic range of suiting fabrics, Stylbiella expanded into fabrics ready for coats, shirts and ties, all 100% Italian made.

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Founded in 1910, the Zegna Wool Mill is overseen by Ermenegildo Zegna and crafts internationally beloved and respected fabrics. Combining scientific innovation, a knowledge of the luxury menswear market and a long family heritage, drawing on four generations of the Zegna family to craft impeccably high standard textiles known for being lighter, softer and with better practical functionality.

InStitchu's Complimentary Take Home Fabric Kit

If you're scarce on time, or don't live near an InStitchu Showroom, our brand new InStitchu Fabric Kit will give you a first-hand look and feel of our high quality fabrics, making your final fabric choice even easier.

For timeframe, we are offering our Fabric Kit to you, complimentary ($30AUD value)

Our Showrooms

InStitchu is all about the experience—transport yourself into the realms of old-world tailoring at one of our Showrooms across Australia.

Be measured by an expert Stylist and peruse hundreds of premium fabrics and customisation options as you design your garment(s) down to the detail—all with a whisky or champagne in hand. Choose to have your final fitting at a Showroom or have your garments delivered directly to your door—all orders covered by our Perfect Fit Guarantee.

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