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Why Wool? 6 Reasons Why Australian Merino Is The Gold Standard For Suiting

21 May, 2023

We’re proud to offer an enormous range of sublimely crafted wool fabrics for custom suiting designs, sourced from local Merino farmers and milled into an array of tones, textures and patterns. Here’s why Woolmark-certified Australian Merino wool is, and always will be, the first choice fibre for suiting.

1. Naturally Breathable

Merino wool has remarkable breathability qualities and is even thermoregulating (means it keeps you warm when it’s cool, and cool when it’s warm). A lightweight pure Merino wool is the perfect material for erratic Australian weather fluctuations: good for all-seasons, easy to layer with knits and coats, and warm yet breathable.

2. Colour, Pattern & Texture

In the milling process, Merino wool can be woven into an infinite array of final fabrics, from grey pinstripes to bold blue checks in a plethora of textures, tones and styles.

3. Wrinkle Resistant

The fibres of wool have ‘wrinkle recovery’ qualities so that it bounces back, meaning a wool suit lasts longer than those crafted from cotton, linen or synthetic blends.

4. From The Earth

We’re proud to partner with passionate Australian Merino woolgrowers, supporting local agriculture and a sustainable, natural journey from farm to final garment.

5. Perfect Drape

The best tailors in the world prefer our locally-farmed Merino wool because of the superior drape (the way a suit falls on the body). Merino wool can absorb moisture, so it does not create the static electricity that makes a suit cling in awkward places, and wool fabrics in a suit will actually shape to your body over time, almost like memory foam.

Wool Img.jpg
6. Quality & Longevity

A suit crafted from natural Merino wool will last years (if taken care of) thanks to the durability and hardiness of the fibre. Wool is even resistant to mould and mildew.

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