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Wedding FAQ

12 April, 2023
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From start to finish, we advise no less than 3 months away from your wedding date, and ideally not more than 6 months. Feel free to come and visit us beforehand to discuss how it all works, though - we’re always up for a chat on strategy and style, even if you’re a way off the actual date.

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At your First Wedding Consultation, it’s our first chance to meet with you and discuss the details of your big day. Your consultation is just a chat, our first opportunity to meet with you and discuss all the details of your day and the vision you might have, helping to plan how we might bring it to life. After your consultation, you’ll be sent a written quote detailing the fabrics and designs chosen for you to consider. No measurements are done at this appointment, as we offer lots of information and want to give you time to consider before booking your measurement appointment with your entire wedding party. Ideally, we want to meet with just the groom (the bride and best man are also welcome!), as you’re the one who’s opinion and thoughts really matter. Too many cooks in the kitchen in those early stages can complicate things; we’ll have plenty of time to involve all your loved ones along this exciting journey, but for now we just want to meet you!

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We have lots of samples in our Showrooms to show you, and even more fabrics and ideas to share. As part of our sustainability ethos of ‘slow fashion’ at InStitchu, we don’t hold stock of every colour in every size–it creates a lot of unnecessary waste, particularly considering the thousands of fabrics and design details we offer. In the end, every garment that we create is one-of-a-kind, made for a specific person’s taste, needs and choices, but we’ll try our best to paint a clear picture of what your wedding suit will look like, using garments, photos, fabric books and design illustrations.

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We’d love for you to bring along as many inspo pics and details about your day as you can. Pinterest boards or saved Instagram posts, colour palettes, venue details, dress codes, bridesmaids dresses, flowers and whatever else you’ve got handy. All of this helps us to get a good picture of what your day will look like and assist in pulling together the most incredible looks for your bridal party. If you’ve got no idea and the whole process it stressing you out, don’t worry; we’ve got you covered and we can help streamline the key questions that need to be answered. Our expert Stylists have helped thousands of weddings find their look. We’ve dressed thousands of wedding parties, so we’ll explain everything from start to finish, explaining the decisions and how to work it out. Even if you’ve never worn a suit before, that’s okay - we’re here to help!

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Not a problem, and we’d still love to meet with you and discuss our process and how we can help. We ideally ask for 3-6 months away from your wedding, but please feel free to book in! Come and enjoy a complimentary beverage whilst browsing our extensive range of fabrics and styles, and let us show you how we can help make your wedding day look truly exceptional.

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At our InStitchu showrooms across Australia, we have thousands of fabrics to choose from, in all the colours, patterns and weaves you can imagine, as well as a range of natural fibres, from Australian Merino wool to lightweight linens, premium cottons and more. We’ve also got lots of options across different price points and budgets. Come in for a chat, bring any photos you might have, and we’ll break out the whisky and fabric books–we’re sure to find the perfect fabric.

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Our production window to create your one-of-a-kind wedding suit is approximately 6 weeks, and we want plenty of time to consult with you, arrange measurements for yourself and your wedding party, production, first fittings and any necessary alterations and still have plenty of weeks ahead of your big day to be taking your suit home. It’s part of our perfect fit guarantee that we want to make sure everything looks and fits amazingly, so we really want to make sure we have lots of time to do this.

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Totally fine, we work with bridal parties who are trying to look their best every day. We factor in your goals and lifestyle into the fitting, and we have plenty of experience in fitting all kinds of body shapes. Our best advice is that it;s easier to take fabric away than it is to add it, and part of the InStitchu journey is having your garments fitted and tailored to your body.

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Our prices for our suits start at $699 for your 2 piece suit, and when we have a wedding group of 3 or more then we offer a generous group discount. Considering that all of the alteration costs are included in the price of the suit, we believe this makes our InStitchu custom suits competitive with Off-the-Rack suits where sometimes you can be paying hundreds of dollars on top of the suit to have it adjusted to fit. We’re also size inclusive, which means that no matter the varying shapes, sizes, and genders of you’re wedding group, we can ensure everyone is fitted and looking their very best.

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Once you’ve had your consultation appointment and have decided you want to have your wedding suits made with InStitchu, we will arrange to have a fitting appointment for you and your group. We love hosting your wedding party in our showroom to make this a fun and exclusive experience. Your Wedding Stylist is booked exclusively for you, and we’ll serve complimentary drinks whilst you each get measured and design your perfect wedding day looks. Once the measurements and designs are finalised, the suit orders will be submitted into production and will take approx 6 weeks. Once the garments have been finished they are sent to your showroom and we’ll arrange for your first fittings in your new custom suits, which is very exciting! We’ll fit the garments to perfection and send these alterations off locally to be turned around within a week or 2, then arrange for final fittings to make sure everything is fitted and looking great weeks ahead of your big day. This is why we require the minimum of 12 weeks away from your wedding date so we have enough time to get all these steps completed.

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If you know exactly what you’re after, we would ideally still like to meet with you to discuss fabrics, pricing, design, and options. But if you’ve either been to see us before or want to get everything sorted all in one appointment, then reach out to us when booking so we can make sure we have plenty of time to get this all sorted.

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We really enjoy having all your friends and family looking fantastic in their suits for your big day, and it’s really common for us to include Fathers into the wedding group too. Often we find that Off-the-Rack options can be a little trendy in their fit for Dads, so having the suit fit in the more relaxed style that he’s used to is important. The fit of our suits is as relaxed or as tapered as you want it to be. We even have grooms wanting extra suits and shirts for other occasions too, so will be happy to include these as well to take advantage of a discounted price.

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Absolutely! We are proud to be gender and size inclusive, so will be happy to accommodate everyone in your bridal party. We love doing things a little differently, and it’s always a pleasure to host mixed gender wedding parties and LGBTQ+ weddings.

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Standardised clothing sizes were created in the 1950s and really haven’t changed since! This is why so many people find it hard to buy clothes straight Off-the-Rack and will have to have loads of adjustments done to get the garments to fit well. The beauty of custom made-to-measure is that the garment is cut and sewn for your individual body, and ensures that the fit is far better than anything bought in a store. We’ve been dressing all shapes and sizes for over 10 years, and we hear this from our clients all the time, which is one of the major reasons why InStitchu offers our made-to-measure services. Suits are a complex and fitted garment, so having your suit tailor-made for your body will make it the best suit you’ve ever owned!


To start designing your own custom, tailored suit, shirt, blazer, chinos and more, try our online design tool, or alternatively make a video appointment or showroom appointment.

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