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See My Vest: Why The Waistcoat Is A Winter Winner

9 June, 2022

Look to the tailoring icons of television, film and popular culture, and you’ll note the most stylish often leaned on the humble waistcoat (or vest) as a staple. Expressing a classic sensibility while offering a little injection of personality, the waistcoat is an often-overlooked way to build out a functional yet unique wardrobe for work and play. Here are some of the reasons why we think the waistcoat is a winner.


Layering Staple: as we build wardrobes that are flexible and able to adapt to our varied needs, from boardroom meetings to late night bars and everything in between, extra add-ons like the waistcoat offer us new ways to layer. Add a waistcoat and tie for important meanings or big events, lose the jacket and roll up the sleeves for stylish soirees by evening, or wrap up tight with a waistcoat and overcoat for the chilliest formal events. The best part about a waistcoat is that it offers you more variation - you don’t have to wear it every day, but it’s always there if you want to mix things up.


Toasty Warm: it sounds simple enough but a waistcoat achieves the most important function of clothing in that it gives you an extra layer of warmth on cold days! And because it’s most likely cut from Australian Merino wool (all of our wool is Australian-sourced and Woolmark-certified) it’s got all the benefits of an ordinary suit, unlike a more delicate or intensely warm knit - durable, breathable and thermoregulating, so it keeps you warm when it’s cold and cool when you’re warm.

Extra Flair: the simplest path to executing a little personal style is to do things a bit different, and the waistcoat is a classic, time-tested path to sartorial success. 


Double Trouble: if the idea of a waistcoat feels a little dated or dull, we suggest adding the extra oomph of making it double-breasted. Our favourite thing about a double-breasted waistcoat is that it gives you another level for your favourite suit - without, your two-button suit is your sturdy work staple, but with, it’s a showstopper statement piece. Throw it on for big days at the races, party events and other look-at-me occasions.


Slimming Fit: because a waistcoat hugs at your midriff and accentuates an ‘hour glass’ silhouette, as well as covering up awkward shirt tuck issues, the waistcoat is about as flattering as a tailored garment can be. When fitted properly (and all of ours are, because they’re made-to-measure) they’re an adjustable, sophisticated path to tailored suiting glory, regardless of your body type or fluctuations.


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