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The Vespa Jacket: Three Things To Know

26 July, 2022

A design option that mixes function and form, our new custom made-to-measure Vespa jacket is a seasonal, stylish statement in contemporary tailoring.

New Project-25.jpg

Seasonal Staple: the uniqueness of the Vespa jacket lies in the removable inlay, which is basically an extra removable layer that buttons across the inside edges of the jacket lining. It adds an extra few inches of warmth and establishes the credentials of the jacket as a seasonal go-to - take it out when it’s warm and button it in when it’s cold. The insert can be matched to the blazer fabric or nylon-quilted (almost like a puffer down, but a little lighter).

New Project-26.jpg

Super (Smart) Casual: a super-relaxed, deconstructed blazer in style, the Vespa jacket is a contemporary celebration of old-world fabrics and made-to-measure fit. Perfect for creative workplaces, party makers or those looking for options that mix at-home comfort/function with traditional tailoring fit and fabric. The softness of the jacket in its drape and construction means it’s perfect for a variety of occasions and needs.

New Project-27.jpg

Custom, Made To Measure: as with all of our garments, the Vespa jacket is tailor-made to your body measurements and ready to be customised to your taste and needs. Choose from our immense range of fabrics – from corporate pinstripe Merino wool to textured cotton, laid-back linen or blends that combine the best properties of both worlds. Add some drawstring trousers for full creative tilt or keep the jacket as a casual specialist with denim or chinos.

New Project-28.jpg

To explore our range of luxury and premium fabrics, book in for an appointment at one of our Showrooms, or request a free fabric book of some of your favourites - we’ll send them directly to you! Or if you want to try your hand at designing your own, head to our design page

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