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Three Reasons The Trenchcoat Is A Seasonal Staple

17 June, 2022

From the corporate trenches to the cosmopolitan alleys of Paris and Milan, the trenchcoat is a layering masterpiece worth its weight in (waterproof) wool. Here’s why our made-to-measure, tailored trenches are a seasonal staple.

Historic Cred: as early as 1823 Charles Macintosh had invented weatherproof outerwear from a rubber-cotton, but the textiles industry continued to workshop the sophistication of waterproof fabric properties over the following decades. Aviators, explorers and adventurers cottoned on to these developments and began to adopt waterproof/weatherproof materials in their garb – Sir Ernest Shackleton famously ventured to Antarctica with coats and tents made from waterproof cotton in 1907. But it was military conflict that brought the trenchcoat into its modern iteration – from the Crimean War through to World War 1, the need for sturdy, functional and camouflaged waterproof outwear became essential, hence the traditionally tan, belted, long waterproof trench we know and love today.

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Film Star: icons of film, television and culture have always loved the flattering, sophisticated silhouette of a trenchcoat. From Prince Charles to Kate Moss, Robert Redford, Michael Caine and, of course, Humphrey Bogart in ‘Casablanca’, the trench has become synonymous with roguish, upper-class identities looking to mix tailoring heritage with function and an adventurer’s sensibility.

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Custom Winner: available in a range of high quality colour fabrics and ready to customise to your taste, including lapels, buttons and lightweight unlined or toasty warm lined options, our trenchcoats draw on the beauty and utility of the classic garment but allow for an injection of personal style. Better yet, our trenches are made-to-measure, so the already flattering shape of a trenchcoat will be covered by our Perfect Fit Guarantee and be sure to complement any body type. Wear it over your Monday to Friday suit on a frosty/wet work day, or throw it over a sports blazer or casual outfit for a night at the footy or on the town.

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To explore our range of luxury and premium fabrics, book in for an appointment at one of our Showrooms, or request a free fabric book of some of your favourites - we’ll send them directly to you!

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