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Spring Statement: The Purple Seersucker Suit

19 September, 2022

There are suits, and there are suits; this purple and white double-breasted seersucker garment is the latter, a bold and brave summer power play for those who want to make a statement at their next sunny soiree. We broke down the details.

Seersucker: The term "seersucker" comes from the Hindi word "sīrsakar" that had itself been borrowed from the Persian compound "shīroshakar" (meaning "milk and sugar").

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The summer staple ‘seersucker’ originated in the southern states of America in 1907, when a New Orleans merchant began searching for a light-weight suit that could withstand high heat and humidity without compromising on style. It’s still got strong ties to the south.

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Seersucker is light, durable and comfortable, perfect for the wild Australian climate swings. Better yet, the natural texture of the fabric means you can be less concerned with wrinkles and creases than the other summer specialist– linen–particularly as the party (and temperature) heats up.

Seersucker Blog Image_3.png

This specific seersucker, crafted from a premium cotton, was milled at the prestigious northern Italian institution, Stylbiella, so you can rest assured the standard is impeccably high. Maximum breathability and longevity is guaranteed.

Seersucker Blog Image_7.png

Though traditionally seen in blue and white, Stylbiella offer some more ostentatious iterations of seersucker for spring power plays, like this purple and white winner.

Seersucker Blog Image_4.png

Patch pockets, side tabs, cuffed and tapered trousers and distinguished shell buttons ensure the garment plays to casual affairs. Plus it means the suit can be more easily broken up and incorporated into a separates look; pair the trousers with a white linen shirt and add a navy or cream blazer, or wear the blazer with cream chinos or denim for smart casual events.

Seersucker Blog Image_5.png

Upping the sartorial ante with a six-button double-breasted construction is a sure-fire way to make the garment even louder, plus it means it’s easier to pair - a simple tee or white cotton shirt is tucked away and an after-thought addition, meaning there’s no risk of colour or texture clashing.

Seersucker Blog Image_6.png

Adding monogramming to the inside of the blazer means that there’s no way your mates will ever pinch your favourite summery showstopper (though if we’re being honest, it’s unlikely they’ll get away with pretending they happened to also buy a double-breasted purple seersucker suit).


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