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The Essentials: The Tuxedo

13 August, 2020

The Essentials: Tux Time: Three Reasons To Order a Tuxedo Now

Here’s the thing about a tuxedo: you never think about getting one until it’s too late to get it made. So even though it’s an event that demands the highest order in formality and style, you reach for your ordinary work suit, buy something overpriced (and underwhelming) off the rack, or, even worse, Google how the whole rent-a-tux thing works. Because we’re big believers in good planning and clever sartorial investment, we’re putting a notice out to all those living their lives in the fast lane: read on and hear why you should book in for an appointment as soon as you can.  

1. Fit for a king (or queen): a tuxedo is the one thing in the world that should fit like a glove. As a garment there’s nothing quite so flattering to your silhouette as a dinner suit - it accentuates your wide shoulders and hips, and can hide all manner of sins. So why would you want to throw all that out the window, and wear an off-the-rack rental made to cover generic measurements? Trust us when we say, no suit will fit you as well as the one that’s been tailored to you. And yes, you may gain or lose a few pounds here and there, but a little tinkering by your local tailor is only ever a couple of days (and a few bucks) work. Buy custom made-to-measure and thank us later: you’re guaranteed to be the belle or bro of the ball.


2. Big game player: a big night deserves the very best, and you simply can’t go past a custom, made-to-measure suit crafted from high quality Australian Merino wool. It will last forever, stay breathable on big nights on the dance floor and always look the goods! On your next big occasion, do you really want to wheel out a misfitted rental that’s been sweated through a thousand nights before? Reach for a garment you know will rise to (and last for) the occasion.


3. Long term style: the thing about the style of a tuxedo is, very little changes over time. A little might change in the length or crop of your pants over the years, but it’s nothing a decent tailor can’t fix in a bind! Details like shawl or peak lapels, satin details, and the style and colour of the wool - what worked ten years ago works now! So pick what appeals to you (and flatters your body shape) and have confidence it will last you the next five or ten years. Knowing this, it will take only two or three wears to make your money back on your investment, considering the crazy prices rental service demand for lacklustre suits.  


To browse through some of our tux options, head to our Tuxedo page. Remember, one of the best parts of custom, made to measure is that there options are plentiful. Head to a showroom and peruse hundreds of fabrics and design details with your personal stylist. 

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