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Modern Classic: Stylist Sedina Sokolovic & Repurposed Tailoring Garments

26 September, 2023

Talented InStitchu Stylist, Sydney-based Sedina Sokolovic, has taken some surplus InStitchu garments and spun them into one-of-a-kind custom garments full of personality and flair. From half-half duo-tone fabric blazers to a jumpsuit worked from a premium sandy linen suit, Sedina’s six years with the business, tailoring experience and passion for sustainability has come to life in this fun, fresh expression of contemporary tailoring. 

linen jumpsuit 5.JPG

What’s the idea behind the collection?

The idea behind the collection was pretty simple: it was to create something unique out of recycled suits and jackets that not only look good but also aligns with the values of sustainability and one-of-a kind pieces. There are so few leftover or wasted garments with InStitchu, because every garment is only crafted when a specific customer has ordered it, that I was excited to find a purpose for those few pieces that hadn’t found a home for whatever reason. It’s about not only reducing waste, though; it’s about giving wearers unique, personality-driven pieces of clothing.

Tell us about yourself. What’s your background? Professionally and personally? Is this a new venture for you?

Having spent more than a decade as a fashion stylist, I've had the privilege of witnessing the enduring influence of suits in the fashion industry. It's a topic that's been close to my heart for quite some time. During my four-year tenure at Institchu, my passion for suits, fabrics, and designs has only deepened. The opportunity granted to me by Institchu to craft something truly distinctive has been immensely rewarding, and I am sincerely grateful for it.

How do you go about creating these garments? How does the process start?

Around five months ago, my sister gave me a sewing machine, and that's where it all began. I noticed some samples and unused suits and jackets and really wanted to do something with them. I didn't have much knowledge about sewing at the time, so I decided to take sewing classes on Airtasker with a wonderful lady named Maryam Farzin. I shared my aspirations with her, and she guided me in starting with the basics, understanding patterns, and even how to restitch the garments. I've got a long way to go, but I see this as just the beginning of my sewing journey.

How would you describe your personal style?

I've always liked wearing loose and oversized clothes. I especially enjoy oversized suits. It all started with my interest in men's suits and jackets. Mixing men's fashion with a touch of femininity and coolness is what I find appealing. It's like combining the best of both worlds, and it creates a unique and stylish look.

Can you take us through each of the garments?

Double breasted contrast 100% Australian Merino wool jacket. I wanted to find two very different colours so the contrast is stronger.

Sedina_Blog_Contrast Linen.png

This item has been made out of a half lined wool jacket. That way it was easier to create the hem for skirt and jacket.

Sedina_Blog_Jacket And Skirt.png

This garment has to be one of my faves and it was the hardest to do. It was a 100% linen suit that was restitched together to create a jumpsuit

Sedina_Blog_Linen Jumpsuit.png

I have been a massive pinstripe suit fan, so this suit was made out of navy and grey pinstripe suit cut in half and then restitched together with the contrast effect.

Sedina_Blog_Pinstripe Contrast.png

I love this cotton suit. It’s a little heavier cotton, so I ordered a lot of colourful patches online and did all those by hand. Took some time!

Sedina_Blog_Patch Jacket.png

This piece is so fantastic and it works in so many ways. You can dress it up and down. The 100% wool vest attached to the shoulder and sides of the 100% linen suit. Perfect summer piece. 

Sedina_Blog_Vest On Blazer.png

This inspo was massively thanks to Tyler, The Creator Live Grammy performance in 2020. I have been obsessed with that suit for years and it was one of the first pieces I have created. Both of the items are made from half wool, half linen/cotton blend. It's my favourite suit in this collection.

Sedina_Blog_Red And White.png


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