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Ten Tips From InStitchu Staff For Tailored Wedding Success

27 July, 2022

Ten Tips From InStitchu Staff For Tailored Wedding Success

We mined the wealth of knowledge in the InStitchu team for some real-life wedding wisdom. Here are their ten tips on how to nail nuptial style.

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  1. “Good fit always trumps a loud fabric.” - Robin McGowan, Co-Founder

  2. “Always buy two shirts for your wedding day. I bought three and went through all of them by the end of the particularly aggressive dance floor. It’s a busy, action-packed day, and it’s best to be prepared for whatever the day throws at you - red wine stains, overhead bird accidents, dropped satay skewers. It’s a minefield and anything that can go wrong, usually will.” - Rob O’Reilly, Head of Marketing

  3. “When it comes to wedding parties, everybody will appreciate a suit or outfit they can wear later. Choosing timeless, neutral fabrics and casual details on the blazer like patch pockets will mean everyone can use their blazer for work, play and smart casual events for years to come.” - Matteo Betto, National Retail Manager

  4. If you’re attending a wedding as a guest, think about how your outfit works with the style of the wedding you’re attending. It’s basic manners and a way of showing respect to your hosts. You don’t want to be in black tie at a beach wedding where everyone else is wearing linen, and you don’t want to be in a sports blazer when everyone else has bow ties on. Dress to the code… Add some personality, sure, but let the wedding party be the stars.” - Pauline Le-Tran, Customer Experience Specialist

  5. “If you’ve bought new shoes for your wedding, wear them in. There’s nothing worse than hobbling around the dancefloor at the end of the night because of blisters or triggering an injury because the soles are slippery.” - Madeleine Wakefield, Brand Manager

  6. “When you’re designing a wedding party, think about using the same fabric in different styles and with different details. Some with waistcoats, some wearing double-breasted and some in single-breasted. Everyone will blend seamlessly, but there’ll be depth and character to each person.” - Jordan Malloch, Events & Marketing Coordinator 

  7. “If you’re wearing a dinner suit, buy a self-tie bow tie. The pre-tied versions just don’t have the same character. And if you’re buying one, master the technique in advance. Practise, practise, practise! Running around the morning of your wedding trying to find someone who can tie it for you is a headache you don’t want, trust me. The hotel staff never have the skills.” - Tim Casey, Marketing & Content Manager.

  8. “Be prepared and get your suits organised earlier, not later. The dress, the venue, the celebrant - these always get pushed to the top of the list, and the suits get forgotten about. We hear so many stories about wedding parties getting stuck with suits they’re not that happy with, just because they left it a little late and ran out of time.” - Fernando Kularatne, National Training Manager

  9. “Adding a vest to a wedding outfit is a great way to give groomsmen and wedding parties a distinct look throughout the whole day. At every wedding I’ve ever been to, they lose their jacket before the end of the night - by adding the waistcoat, they’ll still be the stars of the party. To make sure they don’t look like waiters, make the vest double-breasted, or at least ensure they’re rolling up their sleeves when the blazer comes off.” - James Wakefield, Co-Founder

  10. Add some fun to your jacket lining. It’s a great way to inject some personality into your outfit and your bridal parties, without worrying about adding too much colour to your wedding photos. We always recommend you get the date or location monogrammed on the inside of the blazer, too - it’s a lovely way to make the garment connected to the day, so that every time you reach for it in the future you’ve a reminder of the occasion you first wore it.” - Claire Palmer, Customer Experience Manager

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