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InStitchu's Eugene Tang On How To Win Your Wedding

28 November, 2023

InStitchu Head Office superstar Eugene “Jeans” Tang wed his partner Catherine in a vibrant, cosy inner-Sydney ceremony. From fabric to fit and flair, we asked Gene for his trusted advice on winning the wedding game.


Tell us the origin story. How did you two meet?

We met at university when we were both doing a fine art degree back in 2012. We hovered around the same friend group but it wasn't till we started working together that we became close.

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What was the vision for the wedding? How did you bring it to life? 

We had this idea of making it very dark and intimate with rich colours. Something that would bring people together and feel close but still keep it a spectacle.

How did the day itself compare to your vision? Any learnings you’d pass on to people beginning the journey?

It was more perfect than we could have imagined. We did not really know what the ceremony and reception space was going to look like as we left it entirely up to our florist/stylist. We were careful and picked vendors we knew we could trust and let them do what they do best.

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Any tips or tricks for those planning their own wedding?

There will always be bumps along the way. But the most important thing is that the two of you will be there together that day no matter what happens.

Working for a tailoring brand, you probably had a pretty specific vision. How do you bring it to life?

When it came to the fabric, I think I had changed my mind at least 3 times before finally locking in the tartan navy and green for the pants and vest to contrast the black jacket. I had also entertained the idea of a blush pink tux jacket with black pants to change into for the reception and regret not pulling the trigger on it.

Design wise, I definitely wanted to go with a three-piece and have a double breasted for a vest… when else are you going to get to wear something like that? I also didn’t want to wear a traditional tux so I opted for the tux style lapel without the satin trim to modernise the look.

When you work for a custom tailor you have to take advantage of the opportunity to do something unique. The bridesmaids jumped at the opportunity to get their suits made as well and it made the bride pop that much more on the wedding day!

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How did the look you design reflect the ceremony and style?

The overarching theme was Dutch still life paintings so we wanted dark rich colours. The bridesmaids had emerald green suits and the groomsmen were in a warm charcoal to really give it that depth and richness. I reflected the bridesmaids with the green in my tartan pants and vest. Then topped it all off with the black tux style jacket without satin to keep it all dark. 

Any final advice?

If you are even entertaining the idea of a custom suit for your big day, just do it! It’s the one day you want to look your best and the happiest memory you will have so why not make it that much more special.


Wedding Photography: Alejandro Olguin (@olguinphotography)


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