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Urban Safari: In The Wild With Our Hunting Jacket

26 July, 2022

Our laid-back worker’s jacket (or ‘hunting jacket’), a casual design option, is our contemporary, lightweight riff on old-world tailoring. 

New Project-23.jpg

Inspired (and built to) the iconic Safari jacket block, a garment that evokes a sense of adventure and high/low fashion style (balancing traditional fabrics and tailoring with softer, modern construction and versatility), this is a perfect option for those looking to retain some of their relaxed post-pandemic style in a unique, personalised way.

Shown here with casual details like three-buttons, three patch pockets, notch lapels and a form-hugging waist cinch, this garment mixes form and function for a one-of-a-kind tailoring signature.

New Project-22.jpg

 The fabric choice – a corporate-hardened 100% Australian Merino wool in a grey pinstripe – offers a unique twist on casualwear, combining the gravitas of a stunning tried-and-tested classic with the laid-back vibes of unstructured tailoring. But as with all of our garments, details like fabric choice are yours for the choosing: design with more contemporary versions of wool, take cues from British history by opting for windowpanes and textured tweed, or select super relaxed linen, cotton or blends for more summery soirees.

New Project-24.jpg


Pair with matching trousers, white sneakers and a tee/knit for smart casual affairs or creative workplaces, or pair the jacket with denim or chinos for an elevated execution of tailoring chill.

New Project-21.jpg

To explore our range of luxury and premium fabrics, book in for an appointment at one of our Showrooms, or request a free fabric book of some of your favourites - we’ll send them directly to you! Or if you want to try your hand at designing your own, head to our design page

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