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How To Pull Off A Check Statement Jacket

20 November, 2022

The check jacket is a timeless, tailored classic for different seasons, styles and occasions. Here’s how to get it right for your own needs.

Get The Fabric Right.png

Find a fabric that suits your needs, taste and your home town. This particular garment is constructed from a thicker 375g fabric more seen in winter months, but it’s crafted from an open-weave blend of breathable Australian Merino wool and linen, so it’s wearable in mid-season months, as a replacement for your suit or worn as a casual over-garment. If you want something for year-round wear, opt for a lighter iteration.

Choose Your Check.png

Wide and bold, small and subtle, there are a range of different check styles and colours. There’s no wrong answer, and it really depends on how you want to wear it and how loud you want to go. Just remember to pair it with matching garments that don’t clash or overshadow the check; the stronger the deck, the more necessary it is to wear neutral, block colours in your shirt and trouser choices.

Custom Details.png

Think about how you’re going to wear the blazer, and design it accordingly. If it’s going to be an all-purpose garment for parties, relaxed workdays and casualwear, it’s best to keep the details classic, selecting details like patch pockets, neutral buttons and notch lapels. The blazer will then be easily adaptable to denim, chinos, tailored wool trousers and a mix of collared shirts, tees and knits. If you want something more along the lines of an outer-garment, you can experiment with some more playful options - think double-breasted construction or buttoned-up pockets.


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