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The Four Suit Strategy

9 March, 2022

From work staples to bold party starters, everyone can go from tailoring novice to sartorial hero in four short (but exceptionally well-tailored) suits. Here’s a quick guide to the building blocks of a perfectly tailored wardrobe, in order of how you should buy them.


The Staple:

This is your go-to, all-year-round suit for all purposes, all events and all styles, and it should be a navy wool suit. Better yet, it should be crafted from 100% Australian Merino wool, it should be two buttons, single-breasted and half-canvas in construction. We suggest versatile, timeless notch lapels, but peak lapels may suit your body shape better. This is the ultimate suit for versatility, practicality and function - it’s breathable in Summer, warm in Winter, perfect for any workplace, any event and any personal style, as you can play with a variety of colours, textures and styles, from a red power tie and black shoes to white sneakers and a tee. Invest well, and reap the rewards for years to come.


The Other Option:

A counterpoint to your navy suit, we suggest something in charcoal or mid-grey. Again, we suggest sticking with the classics - notch lapels, single breasted, in Australian Merino wool. It’s similarly versatile to navy, ready for work, weddings and play, and goes with an array of colours and patterns. You can even break it up and wear the jacket with your navy trousers or vice versa. The only real sticking point with a grey suit - keep your shoes black.


The Tuxedo:

You never need a tuxedo until it’s too late to get one. Invest in timeless details, like satin lapels, pure wool in midnight navy or black, single-breasted, and you’ll always have one handy. If you tick these boxes and resist the temptation to go too bold (ie. velvet, double-breasted or bright colours - which are deliciously decadent, but it’s a lot more susceptible to changing tastes and trends) then it will serve you well for years to come. Consider the tuxedos worn by old-school Hollywood icons like early-007, Sinatra and Gable - they could be worn without hesitation to your next event, and make you the toast of the town. A little tailoring every few years, in case you gained or lost a few pounds, and you’ll be set for even longer.


The Seasonal Player:

This is where it gets fun and is dependent on your personal style and needs. Realistically, there’s no limit to what you could add here - a thick flannel houndstooth, if you spend time in cooler weather and love to channel some British country gentlemen, a lightweight cream or navy linen for Summer events, or something with a bold check or pinstripe for races and weddings. Remember that the more vibrant you go, the more recognisable it will be, so play your strengths and the types of events and occasions you’ll wear it to.

To start building your own custom, tailored 4-Suit Strategy, try our online design tool, or alternatively make a video appointment or showroom appointment. Or if you'd prefer to start building your wardrobe slowly start by designing your own custom, tailored shirt, blazer, chinos and more.

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