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Custom(er) Stories: AFL Star Dom Sheed

13 June, 2022

We caught up with gun West Coast Eagles player, Dom Sheed, to chat about Kalgoorlie, AFL and his personal style.

  1. How did you grow up? Was sport always a big part of your childhood?

I grew up in Kalgoorlie and spent the first 15 years of my life in a small mining town. My days were spent playing a range of sports, tennis, hockey, basketball, football and soccer. I loved the outdoors and spent most weekends camping and motorbike riding with my two brothers and friends.


2.     Is Kalgoorlie still ‘home’? 

As much as I loved my time in Kalgoorlie and still have so many family and friends there, I would call Perth home and have built a great life here the last 11 years. 

3.     Was footy something you were always going to do, or were there other options and plans? What can you tell us about the very early years of footy? 

Footy was something I always wanted to do from a young age—I got asked to fill in for a team in Kalgoorlie and have loved it ever since. I played for Mines Rovers in Kalgoorlie and when I wanted to pursue my dream of playing for the WCE I knew I needed to move to Perth. From there I was lucky enough to get drafted out of Subiaco FC. 


4.     We can’t not ask - what was it like in the moments after kicking that goal in the GF? How many people mention it each week? 

For the team to win a Grand Final for a footy club which I barracked for my whole life was a dream come true, and to play a part in winning it with a late goal still has me pinching myself. It still gets mentioned regularly but the AFL world moves so quickly so it's something I’ll probably reflect on more when my career is over!      

5.     It’s been pretty difficult for professional athletes to juggle normal life/family and footy during the pandemic, with lockdowns and border closures and bubbles - how have you managed? How’s it looking for this year? 

Football has looked a bit different the last few years but I think knowing how lucky we have been to be able to continue our work through the pandemic, being together with the team, got us through—fingers crossed this year is shaping up to look a bit more “normal”.


6.     What can you tell us about your life outside of footy? How do you stay balanced? What are your other passions? 

I work part time for my family business, Sheed Electrical. I love cooking and spending time with my mates and family.

7.     How would you describe your everyday style? Do you dress for comfort, function, season? 

I’m very much a ‘dress for comfort’ person—I love to keep it simple and classic. We’re pretty lucky in Perth that there isn’t too much extreme weather with the seasons, so that keeps things easy.


8.     You’d be no stranger to a corporate lunch or awards dinner - when you dress up, how does tailored clothing feel? Would you save a particular style? 

Every now and then we get the call up for more formal functions. Being a ‘dress for comfort’ person, I still definitely enjoy any opportunity to dress up and particularly with my frame and height I like to wear tailored pieces. I designed my classic wedding tuxedo with InStitchu and I felt comfortable all day whilst still looking the part!


Photography by Teneil Kable

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