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Custom(er) Stories: Daisy In Dots

25 July, 2022

We caught up with celebrated artist, Daisy in Dots, to talk about her connection to country, her inspiration, and seeing her artwork come to life on a custom InStitchu jacket lining.

Tell us about yourself. How did you land at doing what you do?

I am an intuitive modern contemporary Aboriginal artist and proud descendant of the Muruwari people. My work is deeply rooted in my connection to the Motherland – the trees, water, sand, sun, Earth and animals. I have a strong eye for visual beauty… prior to transitioning into full time painting, I worked as a Visual Merchandiser for a number of major global retail brands.


Tell us about your amazing artworks. 

Painting is a spiritual process for me. I paint to convey the beauty I see in all things and to express my gratitude and acknowledge the Country I am living, walking and breathing. My artworks are inspired and influenced by my experiences growing up on Yugambeh Country (Gold Coast). I’m particularly fascinated by the beauty of the land, sea and sky. The sun, in combination with my choice of soft, earthy, feminine paint colours has become my signature style I am most recognised for.

What are the materials and tools you use as an artist? Do you stick to traditional processes, or do you explore your own techniques?

I use a variety of sticks, paint brushes, brush ends and sponges to create the perfect dots. I like to mix my own colours but am also a huge fan of Derivan Matisse acrylic paints. I predominantly paint on canvas but have also recently started painting on ceramics too.


How do your pieces and your style reflect a broader culture and tradition in art?

Story telling is at the heart of what I do and is something I have always been passionate about. I paint intuitively, the same way my ancestors did. It is a deeply spiritual process and something I was called to do. It is a privilege and honour to share my connection to Country and culture with the world through my art. All Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultural groups have different perspectives, interpretations and understandings of the stories and knowledge. First Nations people are the oldest known living civilisation on Earth and their knowledge has been passed between generations for over 70,000 years.

Take us through the process of conceiving a particular artwork? How does it all begin, how does it begin to unfold? Is there a clear vision from the beginning or do you find yourself following the inspiration?

I can feel inspired to create in a number of different ways, whether it be through life experiences, photographs or dreams – I often dream my paintings when I’m asleep and the vision will come to me, it’s pretty amazing. I begin with the colour palette selection – this can depend on my mood or the overall vibe/theme of where the art will hang. One of my favourite parts of the painting process is choosing and mixing the paint colours. All of my art is freehand which means I let the peice flow organically as I don’t often sketch out the piece beforehand. I find this allows me a lot more creative freedom based on how I’m feeling and how I’m being guided at the time.


What can you tell us about this particular artwork you have chosen for your custom suit lining? What’s the story behind it?

The artwork I have chosen for my custom suit lining is titled ‘Seaside Healing’ – it represents the seashore. A place we seek for connection, healing and reflection. The sunlight glistens across the sand where there are footprints, sea flowers and seashells. The ocean is our medicine, our vitamin sea – we must protect her and in return, she will heal our pain, sickness and heartbreak.

Why did you choose this particular artwork? 

I love the colour palette along with the intricate details and repetitive pattern style – I felt it was the perfect artwork for a printed suit lining as it would pair back with a shirt or shoes in almost every colour!


What’s it like to see one of your pieces of art on a garment, rather than a canvas? 

Surreal! The power of art never ceases to amaze me! Art can be adapted and interpreted in so many different forms. With a long history of working in Fashion Retail and Styling, to see my art printed on a fashion garment is a dream come true for me.

Tell us about your InStitchu suit you designed, your InStitchu experience and where you will wear your suit to first?

My suit is made from a beautiful lightweight linen which is perfect for the warmer Gold Coast climate. I chose this natural colour as I feel it’s timeless and can be styled back with so many different tops and shoes. I wanted to be able to wear my jacket separately as well with a pair of jeans so it was important to me that I chose something classic that would allow for flexibility with my outfits. The whole InStitchu experience has been amazing. Every step of the process has been carefully considered and the attention to detail has been incredible. I love how personalised everything is, from choosing the buttons to having it fitted entirely custom to my body. I can’t wait to wear my new suit to an upcoming product launch event I’m attending for a very exciting project I have been working on. You’ll have to stay tuned to see what that is!


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