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Custom(er) Stories: Man About Town, Will Tresidder

7 August, 2022

Man about town, Mr Will Tresidder, wears a lot of hats. We sat down to talk about the fashion industry, juggling it all and his new houndstooth InStitchu concoction.

Will, it’s been a while since we caught up! If there’s one thing we know, it’s that you wear a lot of hats…. What’s been going on with your many ventures? Can you give us a status update?

Well after two years of Covid and being locked down, everyone’s appetite for skiing, shopping and travel seems to have no end. My retail stores have been absolutely heaving. I could happily have another five staff if I could find any - this seems to be the norm for businesses at the moment. So to answer the question, all is well, and I am very excited to get back to my European buying trips to see what’s new abroad.


How has it been managing it all over the last couple years? Have you found the lockdowns and travel restrictions difficult, or has it allowed more time to explore and focus on things without distraction?

It’s had its pros and cons for sure. We were hit with the triple whammy as the bushfires affected the business leading into Covid. On the plus side Ally and I had time to renovate our place in Sydney which has been so much fun, and usually with our travel would have been near impossible.


How do you think your idea of style has changed since the last time we caught up? Has the pandemic affected the garments you’re buying or reaching for? We hear both sides of the coin - those who want nothing more than to reach for a suit again, and those who have found themselves in high quality, tailored smart casual that celebrate comfort and function…

I think that fashion is changing so rapidly these days, you really can mix and match. I’m loving a lot of the textures and colours that are coming into shirts and suits. Also the move away from traditional cut pants to pleats and styling that is reminiscent of the 30’s. I think Aussie men are finally waking up and realising that you don’t just have to wear jeans and a t-shirt on a night out.


Have you got any observations on the fashion industry in general? How do you think things have shifted and changed?

As a buyer for my business I’m fortunate enough to work with some pretty big Italian brands that push boundaries in terms of fabrics, design and colours. We buy almost a year in advance with brands like Moncler and you see what colours are going to be big and they generally never miss. There is a whole lot more colour coming and it’s a fun time in fashion that’s for sure. Take us through your InStitchu experience - what did you design, what are the details and how did you land on them?

I wanted something that was different from your regular colours so I went with a brown houndstooth textured wool fabric and a cream/beige lined interior. It’s restrained yet stands out and something that I had in my head for a while. In addition I also grabbed a check pleated pant to wear with a t-shirt and sneakers. Massive fan of both and I can’t wait to wear them out and about.


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