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Custom Artistry: The Grey Pinstripe Suit

7 March, 2023

Three considerations to execute a timeless tailoring take on corporate wear with a grey pinstripe three-piece suit.

Fabric Is Key

Select a breathable, versatile Australian Merino wool that’s light enough for summer and warm enough for winter, ensuring year-round wear. This grey pinstripe fabric, woven from a premium Merino wool, channels classic corporate tones and patterns, with bold yet elegant pinstripes that are primed for big days at the office. You want a fabric that’s bold enough to inject a little confidence in your commute, but timeless enough that the old hats don’t look at you like a young troublemaker.

CA_Grey Pinstripe_Tile 1.jpg

See My Vest

When it comes to designing a statement custom suit, always add the vest. A bold waistcoat, like this shawl lapel 8-button double-breasted showstopper, gives your garment extra versatility and wearability for an array of needs and occasions: a bonus bump of warmth and character for chillier days, lose the blazer and roll up the sleeves for a tactical desk day or dance floor shenanigans, or add a silk tie and pocketsquare for a full front tailoring assault on big boardroom days or formal affairs. In the immortal words of Monty Burns, it’s time to say: “See my vest”.

CA_Grey Pinstripe_Tile 2.png

Dapper Details

When you’re designing a custom garment, it’s worth spending the time getting those extra flourishes of personality right. Not only do they separate your garment from other off-the-rack numbers–you’d be surprised how many people are wearing the same pinstripe and check corporate suits once you start looking–they afford you an opportunity to channel your individual style through elegant design details. A wider notch or bold peak lapel, a sophisticated tortoiseshell button, your initials monogrammed on the inner lining, an upturned cuff or pleating on the trouser–these subtleties are the playground of custom suiting, and a little signal to those in the know that your garment is one-of-a-kind and an expression of your personality.

CA_Grey Pinstripe_Tile 3.png


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