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Taking cues from the stylish summer holidays of yesteryear, when warm white sands, cool clear waters and bright blue skies set the mood for a never-ending season full of good vibes and toasty days, we’ve plotted our course for Summertown.

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Summertown Pavilion

Sip on a spritz and kick back in your finest tailored summer smart casuals at Summertown's hottest spot for sunny sessions.

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Summertown Country Club

Dress in your finest summer wares for weddings and schmick summer shin digs, from unconstructed linen tuxedos to laid-back cream cotton suits.

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Summertown City CBD

Hit the office (and post-work drinks) with a summer spin, dressed in breathable Merino Wool, laid-back linen and chilled cotton.

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Summertown Main Beach

Drink up the vitamin D (and sea) dressed in tailored bombers, polos, shorts and an array of intelligently-relaxed casual winners.

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