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Custom(er) Stories: Will Tresidder

12 May, 2021

Model, digital marketer, traveller and an avid skier. Mr Tresidder is a man of many hats. We recently sat down with him and talked about the ever changing retail industry, his personal style and his favourite places around the globe. 


Modelling, digital marketing and your own personal brand. You wear a lot of different hats. What’s the common thread between the different ventures? Which is your favourite?

The modelling was a natural progression that came from my own business. The move online over six years ago for Snowsport needed a strong social presence. I realised while building a brand people like to see what's behind the engine of a company. So from that point on I built Snowsport hand in hand with my own public profile. Leveraging both to my advantage to grow and expand to a global market.


What inspires you to stay motivated and working hard, when you’ve got so many balls in the air?

It would be a lie to say I was always motivated. It ebbs and flows and sometimes with so much on it's hard to remember your ultimate goal for yourself and your business. The needle has definitely moved in the past few years over what inspires me. At the moment I am trying to build my own brand within the ski industry which is challenging me but also super exciting.

New Project-11.jpg

Skiing, your role at Snowsport International - you obviously spend a lot of time in cold weather. What’s your tip to navigating winter with some style? 

Absolutely, I love the cold and especially winter clothing and fashion. Nothing beats getting to layer thick knitted sweaters and down coats. My tip would be don't just settle for a hoodie in Australia. It's lazy! It still gets cold enough in winter to have a high neck sweater and a cool coat

How has the last year been for you? Did COVID 19 impact your business and how did you pivot? 

Absolutely we had a double whammy with bushfires affecting our bricks and mortar stores. On the flipside we have had record growth with our online store. We did have to reduce a lot of orders from suppliers when a lot of travel wasn't known. Usually we have a large market with Australians travelling to Japan and America which we sadly lost with borders closed for the northern hemisphere ski season. Fortunately we had record growth in the American market and now we are gearing up for the southern hemisphere winter and about to drop our new collections.


You’re a big traveller. Where’s the one place every guy needs to go once the borders reopen?

Yes, I'm getting the itch to travel at the moment that's for sure. For winter and skiing there is no discussion on the best resort. Verbier in Switzerland is my home town outside of Aus and where I learnt to ski. It has everything you want from a ski mountain and has some of the best Apres-Ski in the world. For warmer months in Europe I would suggest something a little different than the stock standard Greece/Italy. Go and visit the Fjords in Norways and visit Stockholm in Sweden. Nothing like coming out of a club in summer at 2am and the sun being up. One more spot that i think is absolutely heaven on earth and off the beaten track. Santa Teresa in Costa rica has a special place in my heart. Amazing surfing and one of the most beautiful sunsets I have ever seen.


Talk to us about the practical side of travelling whether it be domestic or international. What are the essential wardrobe items?

Between my girlfriend and I you won't find a practical bone in our body. We seem to pack for every occasion. Especially when we fly international. It's generally to Europe but we like to stop by somewhere warm on the way. This means clothing for -20 and +20. It's a nightmare.

New Project-12.jpg

Talk to us about your personal style. What do you feel most comfortable in?

My style changes with my mood. One day I will be wearing street wear and vintage clothing. Other days I will wear shirts, chinos and blazers. I think the ability to mix styles is super important. Don't always wear those Gucci loafers. Throw a pair of sneakers in the mix with tailored pants and a jacket. If I'm not getting my friends questioning what i'm wearing, I'm not not doing it right. 


How do you think the InStitchu model - a modern spin on old-world tailoring - fits into that?  

Like I mentioned above, It's so easy to dress up or dress down in modern tailored clothes. You don't have to wear them all together when you buy a suit. Put on the pants and wear with a t-shirt and sneakers. Im also a big fan of wearing a gilet in the colder months. Don't be afraid to break the unwritten rules of Australian suiting attire. 

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