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Triple Threat: Three Ways To Wear A Light Blue Suit

2 October, 2019

Dressed up, down and for around-town, the light blue suit is a wickedly versatile and sophisticated triple threat. With that in mind, here are three ways to make light blue your boo.


Dressed Up

Depending on the formality of your workplace, a light blue suit is well within the boundaries of most modern businesses. Opt for traditional footwear (like Oxfords) in darker shades of black or brown, a crisp white shirt with a cutaway collar, and a neutral/conservative tie, and you’ll ensure there’s appropriate gravitas in your overall look. It may be frowned on for lawyers or bankers, but it’s a very French/Italian approach to just about every other workplace, so long as you don’t overplay your hand with the colour and flamboyance of the rest of your outfit. It’s a look that wouldn’t be out of place in the fashion-forward cities of Italy and France, and when you consider the warmth and (supposedly) relaxed attitude of Australia, it makes sense that we would want to introduce lighter shades to our work wardrobe, particularly in summery months. And, of course, it goes without saying that it’s a look perfectly suited to weddings and other formal-but-fun events.


Dressed Down

While the rest of your colleagues are donning jeans and tees on Casual Friday, we suggest reaching for something a little more modern and sophisticated - your light blue suit partners perfectly with a plain tee or knit and clean sneakers. It’s the sort of look that flatters your silhouette and exudes thoughtful tailored charm without the stuffiness of a collared-shirt-and-leather-shoes combination. Ensure the tee (or knit) is high quality and crew cut at the neck (a V-neck doesn’t work as well) and leave the socks at home. If you’re in a creative industry, this is an easy to execute a fresh uniform for the whole week, and it’s also great for semi-formal events like date nights, birthday dinners and anything else where you don’t want to just be another guy in R.M. boots and cream chinos.


Dressed For Around Town

So technically you’re replacing the suit jacket, but that sort of versatility is the whole point of quality woollen suits in playful fabric shades, right? Throw a single or double-breasted blazer in white, grey or another neutral colour over the top of the trousers and you’ve got a decidedly Italian riff on suiting separates. If the blue of your suit is quite light, be wary of introducing any other punchy colours outside of the ‘neutral spectrum’, lest you look like a national flag. But if you’re wearing a slightly darker shade of blue the world is your oyster. Where would you wear this? Anywhere there’s going to be dinner and then a dance floor, we think - engagement parties, weddings or fun-loving events where chinos won’t cut it. It’s also worth pointing out that the outfit can be flipped - your jacket can be the star of the show with another pair of wool trousers playing second fiddle.

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