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Custom(er) Stories: Todd Liubinskas

7 August, 2019

Fitness expert, entrepreneur, Men's Health ambassador and InStitchu advocate Todd Liubinskas lives and loves his job, running multiple businesses and spreading his passion and guide for a healthy lifestyle. We caught up for a chat on the keys to fitness success, his not-for-profit charity and why a good suit makes him want to say his last name first.


How would you sum up your health and fitness philosophy in a nutshell?

Unbeknownst to me, until I reached adulthood, my health and fitness philosophy was already ingrained in me, from a young age. I was lucky enough to have parents that prioritised my involvement in sport in exchange for their time. At the young age of 5, fitness was a part of my life, playing on step-boxes at the back of aerobics classes. From there I grew up on the football field, running sandhills and learning indoor gym principles. As an adult I carried the habit of daily participation in physical activity with me, but my knowledge and understanding of the impact of consistent fitness – psychologically and spiritually – became more profound. My philosophy is that fitness doesn’t need to be complicated. You make it a part of your everyday life in a way that works for you. Fun, simple and consistent.

What’s the most common mistake blokes make in terms of achieving their fitness goals?

A less spoken about commonality is letting our ego get in the way of understanding injuries. Sometimes men will struggle to take advice from another health and fitness professional because they want to believe their ideologies are superior.


You’re a man who wears several hats. How many fitness businesses have you founded?

Ten years ago I was working in a corporate job for a digital sales company, playing first grade football, and training clients on the side. I realised that out of those three, my truest passion was a desire to help people, so naturally I put my energy, time and money towards creating businesses that, at their core, helped people achieve their goals and instil my philosophy towards health and fitness within the communities that my businesses have created. 

I’m only as good as my partners that came along for the ride, and we have together created:

Complete Strength and Performance (Shane Mcleod, Bronson Harrison, myself): This is a strength and conditioning facility that caters to patrons who wish to train and better their health and fitness across a broad range of domains and intensity levels.

CSP Athlete Factory (Shane Mcleod, Bronson Harrison, myself): This is a strength and conditioning program that caters to kids aged 5-18 years of age. We are involved in multiple high schools, local sporting communities, sporting clubs, sports specific high schools, and semi-professional junior sporting teams.

The 440 Run Club (Trent Knox, myself): The 440 Run Club is an inclusive community that moves people through walking, running, shuffling, moving! We are currently situated in two countries, Australia and the USA, totalling 9 Run Clubs. Our aim is to have 1 million people moving, globally and beyond.


Tell us about your non-profit, 'Let’s Get Going’.

This is a charity with my heart involved. My mother and I started this charity to fulfil a void in the current varied abilities sector to help young adults lead a healthy life. My mother has been working with varied abilities since she was 18, and I was exposed to understanding how to work within this sector at a young age. I can remember going in the school holidays to assist Mum from the age of 13. We were tasked with helping our students learn about activities of daily living, including ordering food from a coffee shop, buying a bus ticket, taking the bus and conversing politely, amongst many other activities of daily living.

 “LET’S GET GOING” is a non-profit mentor and experience program. We aspire to promote the health and wellbeing of adults from the age of 18 years old with an intellectual or physical challenge. Physical inactivity amongst our participants is a major problem. One of our goals is to provide a fitness program that will be fun, safe and enhance social relationships; as well as establishing a pattern of physical activity to promote wellness throughout adult life.

What are your other interests and passions?

Can I say that health is an interest and passion? I hope so, as I feel that my job is my passion, and helping someone brings more joy than any amount of money could ever bring. I am so lucky to call what I do work. Incorporating that passion, I love to explore and see new countries. Naturally, I like to partake in what that country offers, anything from snowboarding to rock climbing, hiking, running, sightseeing, surfing, experiencing live music and local produce. I also love to stay involved in the sports I played from a young age - basketball, touch football, snowboarding, surfing, Rugby League and Rugby Union.


One of the most common things we hear from guys who spend a lot of time in the gym is that off-the-rack suiting doesn’t really work for their body shape. Is fit something that drew you to the InStitchu brand?

The primary drawcard is the service, the amazing fit of the garment, and the fact that a suit has been specifically designed for me. The price is also so competitive. The quality of the garments, attention to detail, and feeling you get when wearing something designed just for you, makes you feel like you have to start saying your last name first, and ordering dry martinis, shaken not stirred! 

Clearly, your passion for health is about more than just aesthetics. But how does looking good, in terms of dressing well and staying in shape, affect confidence and your sense of self?

Looking good is a perception for the rest of the world to make a decision on. I like to think that by being kind to my family, friends, people I work with, and anyone that wishes to deliver the same courtesy back to me, is the only true reason why you feel good about yourself. A bespoke garment that seamlessly aligns to your body can give you that similar sense of confidence. When you feel confident in how you look you give off an energy that is contagious. Aesthetics are important but you combine that with confidence, and it’s the total package.

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