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Let's Get Physical With Todd Liubinskas

13 April, 2020

Fitness Expert, Gym Owner, Men's Health Ambassador and InStitchu Customer, Todd Liubinskas, lives and loves his job, running multiple businesses and spreading his passion and guide for a healthy lifestyle. We caught up for a chat on the keys to fitness success during the Coronavirus pandemic, including the importance of keeping a routine and the link between fitness and overall well-being at a time like now, when many of us are working from home. 

With people now largely working from home, talk us through the importance of keeping a fitness routine for wellbeing and how this can be achieved without being able to go to the gym or a physical class.

Having a fitness routine, wait let me rephrase that, LIFE routine, is paramount for mental and physical health right now. Being at home, it can be easier to lose track of the days at the moment, which can be dangerous if you don’t have a healthy routine in place—routine is key right now. Your routine is yours to work with, however I would make sure these essentials points are covered:

  1. Sleep—ensure you are getting consistent sleep each night (7-8 hours)

  2. Water intake—3 litres minimum each day 

  3. Training—aim for 30-40 minute sessions a day, your choice of training 

  4. Get up and walk—when you’re at home your body moves at a different pace than when you’re at work, aim for a step count goal 

  5. Get yourself dressed for work—this does so much for your mental wellbeing and enables your brain to switch on and into work mode, don’t underestimate the importance of this for overall wellbeing

  6. No tech at meal time—particularly if you have a family, no tech at meal time, we are on devices so much more now, so drop the phone or laptop, connect whilst eating at the very least.


Where do you suggest people turn to for fitness advice during this time? What are some of the platforms available that you would recommend?

If you’re looking for some training inspiration or direction, jump online or onto instagram and you will find that nearly every trainer or gym facility in the industry is offering online training sessions that you can do from home. Some suggestions are @12wbt and @menshealth or my own, @toddliubinskas where I am doing weekly sessions.

Talk us through tips you have learnt along the way to maintaining a positive well-being during this time. 

I have learnt a lot and will never stop learning. I am the first person to ask a question and I love listening to other people and their stories for my own development.

I am a vedic meditator, and 20 minutes in the morning and afternoon has helped me keep peace with what is thrown at me each day. It allows me to tune out and watch and listen a lot more, which has been extremely helpful for the past 2.5 years and particularly now.

What works for me in terms of positivity, is literally just being positive in every aspect of life. I was listening to Ross Edgley talk online recently, and he mentioned the Royal Marines have a saying, cheerfulness in the face of adversity! To have a cheerful and positive outlook on life, generally turns into positive outcomes. If you are going to train or do a workout and you are angry, chances are you are stressed, have pent up aggression, you will most likely put your body into a position it doesn’t like being in and potentially pull an injury. My suggestion isn’t to suddenly fly out the door for your run, and sing HAPPY by Pharrel Williams. It is simply to appreciate that you can go for walk, you can afford food, you can exercise and go back to watch Netflix, you have access to social media and can connect with your friends.

What are you grateful for? Writing down each day what you are grateful for, and allowing that to drive centre you throughout your day. Gratuity serves a purpose for happiness in your day to day life. 

Click Here To Watch Todd's 10 Minute Workout

Talk us through a simple strength routine that anyone can do from home in 30-60 mins.

I am loving my yin stretching at the moment, which is basically holds for about 5-6 minutes for me, and doing these before bed has helped the body recover a lot faster.

  • Firstly, set up a place that you can spread out on the floor with no hazards.

  • Next, set the mood—if you like music, I search YIN playlists in Spotify and put it on a vibrant level.

These 3 steps are the sequence that I go through 3 times a week:

  1. Lower back, laying on your back, one leg straight and the other slightly bent over to one side (10 min total, 5 min each side)

  2. Pigeon stretch, great for your glutes, (10 min total, 5 min each side)

  3. Hamstring stretch (10 min total,5 min each side)

Talk us through a simple cardio routine that anyone can do from home in half an hour an hour.

Firstly, warm up—all bodyweight: 

  • Good Morning for 30 seconds

  • Arm Circles both ways 30 seconds 

  • Leg Swings, 30 seconds

  • Squats, 30 seconds 

  • Lunges, 30 seconds

  • RUN ON THE SPOT, 10 sec fast 10 sec easy for 60 seconds 

Each block is then 2 minutes of work, with a 60 second rest 


Block 1:

  • 30 seconds of Burpees 

  • 30 seconds of crunches 

  • 30 seconds of burpees 

  • 30 seconds of crunches 

  • Rest 60 seconds 

Block 2:

  • 30 Seconds of bear crawls 

  • 30 Seconds of alternate lunges 

  • 30 Seconds of bear crawls 

  • 30 Seconds of alternate lunges 

  • Rest 60 seconds


Block 3:

  • 30 seconds of star jumps 

  • 30 seconds of high knee running on the spot 

  • 30 seconds of star jumps 

  • 30 seconds of high knee running on the spot 

  • Rest 60 seconds 

Block 4:

  • 30 seconds of Push Ups 

  • 30 seconds of squats 

  • 30 seconds of Push Ups 

  • 30 seconds of squats 



Finish with a stretch down:

  1. Lower back, laying on your back, one leg straight and the other slightly bent over to one side 60 seconds each side 

  2. Pigeon stretch, great for your glutes, 60 seconds each side 

  3. Hamstring stretch 60 seconds each side 

It’s an unprecedented time for everyone at the moment. Talk us through the impact the Coronavirus pandemic has had on your business and way of life and what you’re doing to combat this?

It certainly is a time that we are all going to remember, mainly due to the growth we have experienced—growth comes from struggle and hardship and this period in time has taught us all to assess our values and understand our place in the world at the moment—how we can care more for the planet, ourselves, our families, and the people around us.I had to close the doors to my business, as it is a fitness facility, and we had to pivot and swivel into online within a day. Our plan was simple, keep the community connected, be there for our members and ask for their support during this time. My business partners and I made some drastic changes to memberships, converting all of these to online, with an equipment hire option for home gyms. In terms of the 440 Run Club, we are encouraging our members to run solo and share their journey through social media. Trent and I have started 44 days of the 440, a great initiative to move each day, and have something to do either physically or mentally whilst you are at home.  I also recently started working closely with Michelle Bridges across 12wbt, mainly focused on providing services into the community for online training. This has been a blessing and an exciting time for online training in the world right now.  

Technology is playing a huge part at this time too—I am providing online sessions only, some via social media across instagram and Facebook live, the remaining sessions I am providing via a private ZOOM link. It’s great to see technology connecting us all faster and more efficient than ever—I had my first house party app catch up last week, it was great, I was chatting to mates from London, Brisbane, LA, and Sydney all on one call. Video mentoring is here too! It is here to stay in a big way, the future of fitness is happening. One-on-one interactions are through a screen, and I think it will be a fast paced future come Christmas 2020. The amount of technology advances we are all set to experience will be mind blowing.

With that said, the future is exciting for ALL of us, the reason the world has essentially stopped for business for a few months, has forced us to connect more than ever with what is important, and like any good fitness plan, break some bad habits, start some good habits, and remain on what is working. The world has been given a health kick.

At a time such as this, what are the things people can be doing to support the local Australian business’ they know and love, in your instance, their local gym or local retailers like InStitchu?

Local business is the heartbeat of Australia. To support your local business, I would suggest connecting and being there in these times—by connect I mean stay in touch with their social channels, and tell your friends about the work they are doing. If you can support by purchasing an item, even better, the business needs you and you need the business. 

An example would be if you wanted to support InStitchu, as a fun idea to get you out of the house and connecting with your friends and the business, buy yourself an InStitchu suit and shirt, and challenge your mates on who can have the best dressed supermarket stroll. Post that up on social media and make it fun :) 

Finally, we will resume normal life at some point, and will no doubt be busier than ever catching up—do you have any tips for this transition in terms of fitness and wellbeing that people can prepare for and methods they can adopt during the future transition period so as to keep a balance?

This is the prime time of your life! Of OUR lives! We all have the chance to work on our fitness and health right now, as life has slowed down, and we have the opportunity to become healthier happier versions of ourselves for the future.

 My tips for helping yourself transition when the time comes:

  1. Create two healthy habits, like drinking more water, and walking more as an example.

  2. Drop two unhealthy habits, like cutting sugar, and snacking late at night.

  3. Finally, get out and walk or run at least once a day always—nature is flourishing (especially right now), get out and enjoy it.

The transition is already in place, it is up to us to keep the world and each other safe now and in the future.

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