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Win The Weekend With A Sports Jacket

27 May, 2021

Marrying old school tailoring tradition with contemporary casual flair, the sports jacket (blazer) has cemented itself as a stylish, versatile and durable staple in any weekend-ready wardrobe. Here are three tips on how to wear and select your next favourite garment.

Occasional Player

It goes without saying that your sports jacket is a more casual option than your weekday suit jacket or a formal blazer. Historically, the sports jacket was intended for exactly what its name suggests: hunting, shooting, horse riding and all of the fancy sports the gentry used to get dressed up for. In the modern world it’s a smart casual specialist, helping lend some retro/prep charm to those events that are too casual for a cocktail suit or too formal for jeans and a button down. 


That being said, the versatility of the sports jacket is considerable, particularly considering recent trends toward casual and mixing streetwear with tailoring. Think of your weekend highlights: engagement parties, fancier birthdays, casual garden weddings and date night. It’s also a superb garment for ‘business casual’ workplaces (think chinos and a button down, but opt for less garish jacket patterns) or casual Friday (where it will stylishly carry you through to weekend party-starter drinks with friends). It’s also worth noting that it’s a particularly useful item in cooler months, as it’s often a little thicker and great for layering under a coat.

Details of the Sports Jacket

The sports jacket is traditionally made of sturdier stuff than your suit. Many of InStitchu’s sports jackets are made from thicker and looser-weaved iterations of our Woolmark certified 100% Australian Merino wool (learn more about Our Fabrics), which frees up a lot of movement through the arms and shoulders, as well as remaining resilient as a fabric. This ties in to the origins of the garment - it needed to be wearable and durable through rigorous activity. In modern times, that means it’s just a little more casual visually, breathable and wearable for those events that might need a little dance floor movement. 


It’s also common to incorporate more casual details like patch pockets and casual shades of button, so that it can tie in with chinos, jeans or tailored separates more easily. In terms of colour, the sports jacket is an interesting way to flaunt your wild side without worrying about being too bold - daring plaids and herringbone patterns, often in vibrant colours, are common tradition in English and American tailoring history, meaning you’re safely in good sartorial company. 

Fit For A King

Fit is and always will be the most important aspect of a garment, but it’s particularly true for the trusty sports jacket. In order to ensure stacks of mobility through your weekend events, and so that you don’t look like you’ve donned your grandfather’s old blazer (or something you picked up at Vinnies on the fly) your jacket should fit sharply but with enough give, accentuating your natural ‘V’ in a modern silhouette.

Organise an appointment at one of our Showrooms to peruse our sports jacket fabrics, details and ensure you get your next favourite garment perfectly fitted. Alternatively, you can design a blazer in the comfort of your home using our online design tool.


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