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The Stylish School of Oxford: The Oxford Shirt

9 October, 2020

The Stylish School of Oxford 

Class is in, ladies and gents, and the day’s subject matter is the Oxford shirt, that dashing symbol of preppy style. Crafted from a thicker cotton and showing off roguish details like a button-down collar and breast pocket, it’s the perfect time for investing in your next best shirting superstar. As we roll up our sleeves for summer (literally and figuratively) here are the three reasons you should be getting fitted for an Oxford shirt (or three - we recommend pink, blue and white to start with!).  


Prep School Style: the sophistication and timelessness of an Oxford button down shirt is rooted in its preppy origins. Whether it’s rakish young Ivy Leaguers donning their university Repp ties over crisp Oxford shirts or former American Presidents lounging on yachts in the sunshine with more buttons undone than done up, the look has come to be representative of a sort of relaxed status style. As a rule, we think, if it’s good enough for royalty, politicians and billionaires, it can’t hurt your look.

 All Rounder: dress it up, dress it down, wear it all around. The Oxford shirt is the single most versatile shirt you’ll ever own. Wear it untucked and unbuttoned over shorts on your next yachting adventure (BYO sporty Swiss watch and shades), with chinos or denim and a sports blazer (add a Repp or knitted tie for a little textured oomph) , or sub it in to your corporate wardrobe (just avoid super shiny silk, where the textures may clash). It literally lends charm and character to every outfit on the spectrum (bar super formal, where the button-collar and textured cotton will look out of place), so it’s never a look you’ll have to think too much about it.


Thick As Thieves: the thicker cotton that an Oxford is crafted from is durable and easy to wear. While some allege the thicker cotton makes you perspire more, many fans of the Oxford will retort the way it’s milled actually lends extra breathability, as well as absorbs moisture more subtly and effectively, making it a great option for summer wear. Better yet, it creases a little more intentionally than thinner cottons, adding a little dishevelled sophistication to your look as you wear it in, meaning you can stress less about wrinkles.


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