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How To Design The Perfect Navy Blazer

15 October, 2020

How To Design The Perfect Navy Blazer

Few garments are as timeless, versatile and practical as a classic navy blazer. For work, play and work-that’s-more-like-play, a custom navy blazer is the ultimate go-to piece, taking you from early morning to late evening with effortless style. Here are our tips on how to design your blazer for functionality across a range of occasions and styles, from a tee/knit and denim to Oxford shirts and knitted ties.   

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Patch Pockets: One of the subtle differences between a suit jacket and a navy blazer you can wear with anything is the pocket style - a more formal flap pocket can, often, look a little mismatched if you’re wearing a tee or casual trousers, as though you’re wearing your still school formal jacket. Select the more casual (and very European) patch pocket and you’ll open yourself to a world of matching possibilities - knits, tees, denim, or whatever else you can dream up! 

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Fabric: you can select almost any fabric, though a more textured wool, linen, cotton or blend will mean it’s easier to pair with a range of trousers, from cotton chinos to wool trousers, denim or more. Avoid shine and gloss, though - it’s difficult to match with casual fabrics and counters the chilled 

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Unlined: as well as being lighter and more breathable, an unlined blazer drapes on the body in a relaxed way and channels the easy-going vibe of a multi-purpose blazer. It’s a great garment to reach for warm days where you still need to carry some formality, whether that’s a summer wedding or semi-casual work lunch.

New Project-19.jpg

Buttons: have some fun with your button selection, as it’s a part of design that’s difficult to incorporate with corporate suiting but easy to get right with a more causal blazer. A stylish tortoiseshell button with work for any occasion, while more casual white or coloured buttons also finish a dashing blazer. Or, for the Country Club weekenders, try gold buttons - they’re a timeless throwback that carry gravitas and panache.

Lapels: while you’ve got some freedom to play with lapels and choose the style that works to your body shape best, we think a notch (or wide notch) will be the most casual and versatile.

Start exploring our massive range of fabrics and infinite design options for your next best blue blazer here.

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