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Summer Chino's

3 July, 2014

Chino's are the staple set of pants in majority of Australian male's wardrobe. This military background garment has reached the classic, relaxed, contemporary yet timeless status few garments reach. They join boat shoes, crew neck t-shirts and jumpers, and the navy blue sports coat.

Compared to khaki's, chinos generally have a lower rise and slimmer, tapered legs. They originally came in only tan or taupe, however, Ivy League Colleges and Yacht Clubs East Coast wide let the secret loose. They look great in colour.

Brands worldwide have jumped into this modern twist on an all time classic garment. Chino's can be found in yellow, orange, red, green, brown, tan, navy, gray, white, pink, purple and every shade in between.

New to Chino's? Lets start with fit. As mentioned above, chinos are generally a slim and streamlined pants choice resulting in a pretty clean cut and crisp look. Avoid excess fabric or bagginess around the hips, thighs and butt. If buying online, ensure you measure yourself properly to get the best chance of a good fit. In store, try them on and move around in them, sit, stand, walk up stairs and crouch to see how comfy they are. The basic colours to start with are arguably tan, navy and a basic colour - green, blue or red.

Chinos have great versatility with outfits especially shoes. You can wear them with boat shoes for a classic look. Brown Oxfords to dress them up, Double Monks for a smart casual look and Chelsea or desert boots for a rugged casual look.

The 4 Best Looks to Try with Chinos

1. Casual - Coloured chino's, white t-shirt, brown boat shoes and a pair of sunglasses.

2. JFK Sailing - Elect for a neutral tan or beige pair, throw on a plain t-shirt and roll the sleeves up on your navy marled crew knit sweeter. Add FJK's tortoiseshell glasses for good measure and you are away. Want JFK's Style? Read about him here.

3. Smart Casual - throw on some coloured chinos, monk strap shoes and a button up shirt.

4. The Smarter Side of Smart Casual - Just add a jacket to the above ensemble. Tweed, Herringbone, Windowpane - linen, cotton or wool - single breasted or double-breasted. You decide.

So there we have it, a comprehensive guide to one of the most versatile and classic items of clothing a man can own. As always, dress comfortably and you will appear comfortable and confident.

T.W Mitchell

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