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Spring Racing Spills Happen. InStitchu Has You Covered

3 November, 2014

We have all been there, so here is a handy little guide on common stains and how to remove them from clothes.

Firstly, the four general rules of stain removal from clothes are:

  1. Always treat a stain (via the below methods) before laundering

  2. Never rub the stain, use a gentle blot technique

  3. The quicker you get onto removing the stain, the easier it is to get out

  4. Try to avoid staining your necktie. It is always much harder to remove than from your cotton shirts and wool suits.


Five Stains and How to Treat Them

Red Wine

Red wine is always a dreaded stain and yet easy to do in the wee hours of those cocktail and black tie balls. If you are having too much fun to leave to attend to the stain, ask the barman for a glass of club soda and a napkin. Head off to the bathroom, blot the stain with a healthy dose of the soda. Once home, douse the stain with salt, dunk and soak your shirt in cold water, blot until the stain is removed and place in the washing machine.


Everyman has once had to deal with the leaking ballpoint pen on your cotton work shirt. Fortunately, thanks to Rubbing Alcohol (such as Isocol) your favourite cotton shirt isn't ruined. Apply Rubbing Alcohol to the stain and blot away. Preferably get the garment into a washing machine shortly after you crush out those remaining hours at the office.



A common stain on trousers at a dinner party, it is easy to shrug it off as an easy stain however, oil can prove tricky. If available, ask the host for some talcom or baby powder and cover the stain for atleast half an hour (while you enjoy the remainder of your meal). Once home, spray the stain with a common laundry stain remover and wash the garment at the highest temperature the fabric can handle.


Spot soak your handkerchief with Rubbing Alcohol and blot over the stain. Once at home, soak the garment in any laundry stain soaker in warm water. After soaking, place the garment in the washing machine, which should remove the stain.


If the blood is fresh, blot the stain repeatedly with cold water (ice cubes work well) or club soda from the bar. This will hold the stain from drying to give you time to get home to your washing machine.

Please note this is a general guide of common stain removal knowledge. Some difficult stains may require attention from a dry cleaner.

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