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Sock It To ‘Em: How To Pull Off The No Socks Look

25 November, 2020

Sock It To ‘Em: How To Pull Off The No Socks Look 

For a while, the no socks look felt like a fashionista/party-boy trend that a regular bloke could only dream of wearing unironically, but it’s since become widely adopted and celebrated. As the weather heats up (and your ankles bronze up) here are three simple tips to pulling the look off.

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Occasional Player: If you work in a corporate job, it’s best to stick with your usual socks - you don’t want to draw attention to yourself for the wrong reasons, and fashion should be about working your personal style to the decorum of the occasion. Creative workplaces, semi-formal weddings, fashionable events like the races or engagements parties - go for gold! The sockless look often works with outfits born for those types of events - linen or cotton suits, chinos, denim, or even wool suits in ostentatious colours, fabrics and patterns.

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The Right Shoes: The easiest way to pull off the no sock look is to stick with shoes that are more casual and laid back. Loafers in all incarnations, driving shoes, boat shoes and box-fresh white trainers are the obvious choice. Some can (and will) go sockless with more conservative shoes, like brogues, Oxfords or double monks, but it’s an infinitely more difficult look to get right - if you’re not entirely sure it works, then keep the socks on. 

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Tapered Trousers: You must have cleanly tapered trousers, fitting snugly around your ankles. Nothing ruins the no socks look more than a baggy, loose hem, giving the appearance you’ve suddenly grown an extra inch. One of the benefits of getting your trousers custom made from InStitchu is that you can communicate this with your stylist, making sure they’re fitted at the appropriate height and length. It’s also totally acceptable to roll your chinos to the appropriate height, but the width of the trouser is still important to have right from the start.

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