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BIG APPLE SEASON: Seven things to do in New York City as the weather cools down.

24 July, 2017

NYC is the city that never sleeps. Even as the streets are being sprinkled with Christmas snow, that’ s no excuse to stay home, snuggled up in bed. Matter of fact, the winter is our favorite season in the Big Apple, because it gives you an excuse to rug up in your best clothes and hit the town.

Here are seven reasons to get excited by a NYC Winter:

1) MoSex Topping our list is the not-to-be-missed Museum of Sex at 233, 5th Avenue. The Museum was founded to preserve and present the history, evolution and cultural significance of human sexuality. Winter is the best time to visit, because it creates the perfect excuse if you get spotted wandering out the door in a long trenchcoat. “I just needed somewhere warm to escape the cold,” is your ideal response.

2) No Soup for You! Those readers unfamiliar with the greatest comedy of all time (Seinfeld) may not know about the famous Soup Nazi episode. Anyway, you can check it out on YouTube. The Soup Nazi exists. His name is Ali Yeganeh and you can visit his restaurant: The Original Soup Man; at 259-A West 55th Street. The soups are rich and hearty and hit the spot on a cold Manhattan day. Be like Newman and order the Jambalaya.

3) Become a metro-sexual woodsman: Visit the perfect man-cave in the city, where you can buy and sharpen your very own NYC axe, or pick up a toolbox and camp gear. Plaid flannel is a must! It’s hipster heaven.

4) Grab a coffee from the finest: Porto Rico Coffee Company has all the beans out on display, and they grind it to your liking. The smell alone is strong enough to give you a caffeine buzz, and though even some New Yorkers have never heard of the place, this is the finest coffee in the city! Sit in out of the cold, cradling an early morning latte.

5) Go to the best Halal chicken over rice in the city: Winter is the best season to visit this popular New York institution as the lines are shorter. At other times, it is not uncommon to have 30+ people waiting patiently. This place is on the west side of 6th Avenue and not to be confused with the copycat on the east side of the street that is no-where near as renowned.

6) Knock over some pins: This is the quintessential old-school experience; ten pin bowling at the famous Gutter Bowl in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Still using the original hardwood lanes from yesteryear, and now serving craft beer (of course), who can resist wearing those shoes? The ultimate hipster experience on the planet? We think so.

7) Tailor-made: Winters can get pretty damn cold in the Big Apple, so you’ll need a nice wool suit, or tweed jacket to keep you toasty. May we suggest visiting InStitchu’s Manhattan Showroom, for an old-world tailoring experience? Located right by the famous Flatiron Building, the people at InStitchu will welcome you in out of the weather, and treat you to a whiskey to warm you up from the inside out.

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