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The Outfits of Hit TV Show 'Suits'

3 July, 2014

Ah Suits, making Lawyers feel better about themselves again. Being a legal drama, the show emphasises and epitomises the sartorial brilliance that suits add to any profession, especially the legal profession. So what is this mantra of dressing for success which is portrayed by the show?

Throughout the two seasons, every male character and associate of the Pearson and Hardman law firm is shown sporting an impeccably designed and perfectly tailored suit. From bar to boardroom, Suits depicted the age old formula of dressing for success. With 24 million viewers in the US alone being glued to their TV sets during the first season, Suits made suits the most essential clothing items that should be a part of every man's wardrobe.

Harvey Specter

Gabriel Macht portrays the role of uber cool, iconic lawyer working in one of the most prestigious law firms in New York. The character of Harvey Specter takes the Mark Twain saying, "Clothes make the man" to another level. As a cunning and shrewd attorney, who has a charm to make women go weak in their knees, Specter prolifically defines what power and charisma means in the corporate world.

The masculine, suave and confident modern day Cary Grant of the legal world donned different colour schemes in his suits with pocket square and vintage cuff links that gave him a sensual, young and dynamic modern day legal hotshot look. Dressed in the immaculately stitched suits by Tom Ford, Harvey ignited the small screen with decent shirts from Canali, Tom Ford, Boss, Pink Tartan and Brioni. Remember the offensive look on Specter's face when he asks Ross to get a better suit and Ross replies he spent $500 on 5 suits?

Mike Ross

Although he may not boast of a Harvard degree or any degree to be precise, this extremely brilliant college dropout shows an exquisite sense of sartorial brilliance that is rarely seen on the smaller screen. The charismatic and young by-fate associate of the legal honcho Specter depicts what people mean by power dressing and how they evolve with time as they start ascending the corporate ladder.

The suits of Mike Ross (portrayed by Patrick J Adams) are carefully stitched to show his natural panache. Everything from his ties, cufflinks to shoes, has been paid great emphasis to match his casual vibe with the legal demeanor. His suits are properly colour coordinated and are extremely well fitted to give him a perfect silhouette. No wonder why ladies within or outside of the show go crooning over this razor-sharp young legal associate.

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