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No colour, but many collars.

10 July, 2018

The Wimbledon white dress code has been a tradition that has stuck around long and strong since the 1800s, when tennis was a sport played only at social gatherings, and visible sweat-patches were an absolute no-go. White, although easy to stain, is practical in the sense that it is heat repelling, making you the best at your game, whether you are on, or off the court.

We admit it—white attire can be quite restrictive when it comes to adding in variations, but this is when the beauty of the custom, tailored pathway steps in—with custom tailoring, you can add the details in such as the collar, the different textures, and the overall style of your white garments—a blanc palette means that creativity is key.  Here we are going to focus on one of the most impactful variations of all—the collar.

The style of collar you choose for your custom, tailored shirt can accentuate, or fault your features, so below is an express guide on how to carefully choose the collar that will help you flaunt your assets to their best potential.


Round Collar

Suitable for the shorter neck, the round collar adds a more casual spin, for those who don't wish to tone down the formalities. The round collar adds a more casual spin to your custom, tailored shirt—the perfect collar for happy hour. 

Band Collar

Great for lengthening a shorter neck, this collar is great for keeping you cool in the Summer—less neck coverage, more breathability, you can do the math. The band collar is a great collar for when you wish to layer up, and add your persona touch with a trendy jacket. 

Long Point

Recommended for the man who have a rounder face shape—a steeper slant will give your face some length and definition. The long point collar is one of the most prominent collars, and is one of the more formal collar choices. 



A bolder look, and a modern twist to traditional attire—the cut away is created for the long, or slimmer face. The cutaway collar is the collar to choose when you wish to pair it with a tie, sporting a double windsor knot. 

Large Cutaway

For the blessed men with pronounced cheekbones and a pointed chin, cutaways help create the appearance of a wider jaw. Also a more formal option, this collar is common for the office and is one of the most traditional collars. 

Large Cutaway (High)

For the men with a more narrow, or oval face, as the cut away balances long features. This collar provides a modern twist to the traditional attire, great for the boardroom, or your next dinner date. 

Whether you are on the court, or off the court, blanc will never be bland when a world of choice is there to fulfil all of your custom, tailored desires. When you focus on your favourite features of your face and body, and learn how to accentuate them (we'll help you along the way), the garment you create will be anything short of boring. Heat repelling, sweat-mark hiding, and altogether striking, when you get a custom, tailored white shirt right, it's nothing short of a dream. 

Whether you are tossing up between collars, colours, blancs or buttons, the custom, tailored route is a sure way to accentuate your best assets—with the careful advice of our InStitchu Stylists, you will find in our Showrooms guidance to creating a custom, tailored garment that will leave you looking only your very best. Book an InStitchu old-world tailoring experience here.

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