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New York Fashion Week 2019

6 February, 2019

New York Fashion Week has poked its head around the corner once again, as we see the most stylish of fashion-forward menswear influencers and enthusiasts step onto the cobblestones of New York City’s fashion hubs in the hopes of getting seen, and voicing their style opinions. This year, we're seeing gender fluidity (both Men's and Women's Fashion weeks are combined this year), a huge focus on tailored, well fitted garments, and a heavy dose of in-your-face colour. Impeccably tailored grey suits, beyond bold prints and even "mirts" (man-skirts) have also made their entrance, allow us to digress...

We’ve quizzed some style thought leaders to do the hard yards for you, to expose three key NYFW takeaways. Introducing our expert panel—New York Menswear influencer Igee Okafor (currently on the ground at New York Fashion Week), and expert InStitchu Stylists, Italian born Loris Micheletti and Ann Tran. Consider this a review of the runway when looking at the men’s suiting world for 2019.


Igee Okafor - NY Menswear Influencer @igeeokafor

“Although I'm not one for trends, especially with suiting, I will say, what I've seen is that more, and more men are getting behind the idea of variety when it comes to cut and silhouette and tailored is in more than ever. I also think that there's this untrue assumption that suiting is only for a certain kind of man, and these days we are seeing that this idea is false.  I'm also seeing more men are having fun with color, prints and customization/personalization, especially when it comes to suiting.”


NYFW has taught us now more than ever it’s important to ensure that your suit is unique to you, in order to set you apart from the  crowd. However, we aren’t saying that to suit up successfully, you must boldly and brightly stand out from the crowd. For those of us who don't wish to brave the outwardly bold, going custom will enable you to still flaunt your personality in a playful and stylish way via more subtle custom options such as a personal monogram or a fun lining that you can discreetly keep to yourself.  



Ann Tran - InStitchu Stylist

“We’re seeing on the runway layer upon layer, and big layers too such as the oversized trench coats and overcoats. Although traditionally big layers are avoided as they tend to cover up the rest of your outfit, today, your larger, outer layer can act as the actual outfit.”


In the lead up to the cooler season in Australia, or if you find yourself in a cooler season now, if in doubt, throw on an overcoat as your statement, hero piece. Go custom for an overcoat that doesn’t leave you swimming in it, and invest in one with quality fabric so that it can do its job of keeping you warm (as well as acting as the ultimate style statement). 



Loris Micheletti - InStitchu Stylist

“We're seeing a variety of tailored grey suits on the runway, especially lighter shades of grey. Although a grey suit may seem like a safe, and staple piece to your wardrobe, there are so many variations you can play with—grey is the new black. Play around with pinstripes, go for a flannel, or try windowpane."


It seems that on the runway, grey is the new black when it comes to men's suiting. Although traditionally, grey would be worn in the boardroom, it's now ventured onto the streets, and even at your next cocktail party. The trick of the trade is texture and variety—keep your look neutral, and play with your custom options such as unique buttons, peak lapels and patch pockets.

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