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Spring Racing: How To Win Big In The Style Stakes

19 September, 2019

Spring Racing Style

As the weather starts to heat up, so too does the Spring Racing calendar. Giddy up, we say: there’s no better opportunity to have some fun with your tailoring and bet your sense of style on some bold trackside plays. With that in mind, and with the knowledge that true one-of-a-kind races style means you need to plan ahead, here are four tips on winning big in the sartorial stakes. 


Check, Mate

Bold check suits can be difficult to pull off: it can be labelled too adventurous for workplaces, and it can take attention away from the bride and groom at weddings. If there was ever a time to ask for the check (see what we did there?) the racing season is it. Colourful, bold and look-at-me-now in size, it really is the time of the year to pull the trigger on that check suit you’ve always wanted but never had the guts to invest in. Plus, if you do it early, you can get a few wears in over the course of this busy time of the year.



Trackside Colour

The races is one of those few occasions where you can go big on colour and not worry too much about overdoing it. Whether that’s brighter (think maroon or royal blue) or lighter (think light blues or creams) for suits, or more vibrant shirts, ties or pocket squares, colour is a simple and fun way to win big at the races. The trick is to try and stick to one major highlight colour across your outfit, and tone back everything else to neutral tones like blue, grey and beige. 

NB: Because off-the-rack brands only release one or two bold colour suits each season, you’ll see multiple people wearing them on key race dates (it can become a little like ‘Where’s Wally’). Being able to choose from hundreds of fabric swatches at InStitchu means you’re in safer hands - your look, no matter how bright and bold, will be truly unique.



Bet Big On Details  

Saying hello to races season also means saying saying goodbye to the boring and conservative rules around work suits. One of the great parts about shopping with InStitchu is that you can customise every detail of your suit. Have some fun designing something races-specific and ensure it’s truly one-a-kind: patch pockets on your blazer (rather than the ordinary flap pockets), fresh buttons in tortoiseshell or white, side tabs on your trousers and bold and colourful lining.


Necessary Accessories

You’ve got your suit sorted, but what else to add? Races season is the time to throw caution to the wind and be more adventurous in your styling. Little touches like a puffed-out silk or linen pocket square, some tasteful bracelets or rings, sunnies in the breast-pocket and loafers sans socks (it’s allowed now) can lend a bit of that flair you expect from the big carnival. 

You can book in for an appointment at InStitchu to discuss your options with an expert Stylist at one of their many Showrooms, or dive in and design your dream suit online right now.


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