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Mad Men | Don Draper

24 July, 2017

Don is the lead Creative Director and eventual Partner of Sterling Cooper Advertising agency. A mysterious figure, the show centers on his work, behaviour, relationships and interesting, yet turbulent past.

Don knows what works in advertising and in his style. He dresses conservatively compared to Roger Sterling and far more maturely than Pete Campbell. Don's suit cut is a superb example of the American-sack suit (discussed in our article on JFK). This suit cut style includes soft, thick shoulders and chest and straight cut lines to the body resulting in a 'sack' type fit.. His notched lapels are on the slimmer side, however, in line with the 1960's fashion.

Don's suits fabrics are heavily textured with numerous coloured twines interwoven to give a depth to the fabric. His shirts are invariably the 1960's business standard of white with starched collars. Don varies between solid textured ties and Ivy League club stripes. He never wears a red tie, sticking to darker and contrasting colours to his grey, brown and navy suits. His slimmer ties are well proportioned to the collar and lapels via a four-in-hand knot. Want to know which knot to use and when?

Don's casual weekend style features regularly on the show, whether with the family or in the office Don will pull on trousers, a shirt and jumper with the sleeves rolled up to his forearms. His eyewear, while not a common sight on Don, is either a classic aviator or early wayfarer style.

Social occasions we see Don wear some outrageous plaid and checkered sports coats. These coats are an eclectic mix of big patterns and bold colours.

Like him or not, Don knows the importance of dressing stylish and exuding confidence.

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