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Local Legend: Australian Merino Wool & Wedding Suits, Made For Each Other

4 July, 2021

Whether you’re planning a wedding that’s in winter or warm weather, on a farm, in the city or by the sea, the first place to start when selecting a suit is Australian Merino wool. For centuries wool has been the fibre of choice for suiting, and while superb suits can be crafted from alternatives like linen, silk or cotton, nothing can compete with the unique properties of wool. And among the wool grown around the world, Australian Merino wool boasts an unrivalled reputation for quality, versatility and durability. Here are some of the many, many reasons why Australian Merino wool is, and always will be, the most suitable suiting fibre for weddings.


Wrinkle Killer: Without going into too much detail, the fibres of Merino wool are like a coiled spring that bounce back into shape after bending. This means that on your big day, your suit is more likely to stay wrinkle free (and photograph-ready) until the wee hours. This is in contrast to linen and cotton, which can expect to start showing creases in the suit almost as soon as you take it off the hanger (in truth, it’s part of the laid-back attraction.) Learn more about our fabrics.


Dance Floor Heat: Being a natural fibre, wool is breathable, with thermoregulating properties, meaning it will keep you cool when it's warm and cosy when it's cold - adjusting with your body temperature...meaning you can dance all night and get plenty of airflow.

Mad Scientist: While Australian Merino wool is the world’s greatest raw fibre, it can be treated and finished in an array of different ways, meaning it can appear in many colours, weights and patterns. When it comes to choosing a wedding suit, there is guaranteed to be a style of wool to hit your mark.

Hot & Cold: As a natural fibre, Merino wool is thermoregulating and reacts to the temperature of your body. This means it keeps you warm in the cool, and cool in the heat. Regardless of the temperature (and your nerves) on your wedding day, you can rest assured you’ll be sweat-free and yet toasty warm. 

Natural Born Killer: It’s 100% natural, biodegradable and renewable. There’s something nice about knowing you’re dressed in something natural on the biggest day of your life.


Snuggle Up: Despite the dated perception that it is rough and coarse, modern Australian Merino wool is incredibly soft. As well as feeling lovely against your own body on your big day, you can be confident you’ll get more cuddles from your partner!

Splitsville: Merino wool is an elastic fibre, meaning there’s more give and take in your wedding suit. As well as reacting to sudden changes in your weight, a suit crafted from Merino wool will be more comfortable and more forgiving on the dance floor, meaning you can hit the big end-of-night moves without worrying about splitting your trousers.

Smell & Stain Resistant: Wool is both stain and odour resistant. Regardless of how much you sweat, and how much dinner you drop on your lap, you can rest assured that your suit will survive better than most.

Like what you've just read? Make an appointment with a stylist or design your very own custom, tailored Australian merino wool garment using our online design tool.

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