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Custom(er) Stories: Content King Larry Lim

24 October, 2021

InStitchu is proud to celebrate the success, passion and style of those who shop with us, exploring the inspiration of innovators, athletes, fun-seekers, curators and experts from all walks of life.

We sat down with well travelled, content King, Larry Lim to chat about his all time favourite destination, his sense of style and what items of clothing he can’t live without.


What do you do for a living? How did you arrive at that?

I’m a content creator for both my own blog The Simple Gentleman and for clients. I started out posting my daily fashion looks on Instagram and soon gained a following. As my engagement grew, I began working with brands to promote their products and services primarily in the menswear and travel industries.

What’s the philosophy behind what you stand for? How do you make sure you stand out in such a competitive space? 

I’m all about quality. You’ll never see a simple selfie on my feed. I spend a lot of time planning and executing my content to a high standard. I’d like to think this inspires others to work hard and put effort into their passions and professional pursuits.

Tell us about your sense of style. How do you tend to dress each day? How does your style play into the life you lead?

I always like to look well put together, whether the occasion is casual or formal. Day-to-day you’ll see my in quality denim jeans, a simple shirt or tee and statement outerwear. When attending events I’ll often pull out a tailored suit.


How has COVID affected your living? Has it meant you’ve rejigged your business in any way?

Like so many others, my business and lifestyle have had to adjust due to Covid. I’ve tried to use the extra downtime as an opportunity though to explore my creativity and produce more unique content with a personal touch.

What are the things that really inspire you? Where does inspiration come from?

What inspires me most are stories of people who have overcome tremendous adversity to succeed and build a life they’re proud of. I remind myself daily all that I have to be grateful for and try my best to turn my aspirations into reality. Working hard shows respect for everyone who’s had to make sacrifices and helped me get to where I am today.

You’ve seen a lot of the world. Where’s your favourite destination? Where’s the place you’re going to head as soon as borders open up?

Once the borders open up, I’ll be heading straight to France! I love everything about the country from its incredible wines to its amazing architecture. Montpellier and St. Emilion are particular favourites. I can taste the Merlot now...


Talk us through packing a bag for a trip. What are the items of clothing you can’t live without on holiday?

It all depends on the climate. For a summer getaway, a white linen shirt and tan loafers are musts. For cooler destinations, an impressive coat makes all the difference. Scarves are also a great way to add interest to outfits. 

My tips for fitting in the most outfits (and staying within baggage limits) is to buy quality, lightweight luggage and use packing cubes to maximise space.

Tell us about the process of designing your own custom, tailored suit. Did you enjoy the process? 

The thought of designing my own custom tailored suit was both very exciting and a little daunting at first as there are so many options to choose from. Though as soon as I met with my personal tailor, the whole process became effortless as they guided me through every detail. From initial consult to final fitting, I trusted the experts and walked away with impeccable two piece suits that fit to perfection.

What are the design details that you selected in your garment? Why did you choose them?

The suits I customised were influenced by Italian menswear, I went for a sartorial style suit. For the pants I chose a high waist fit with pleating detail. The jacket featured peak lapels and a double breasted closure. I also added monogramming to really showcase that this was my own custom design.


To start designing your own custom, tailored suit, shirt, blazer, chinos and more, try our online design tool, or alternatively make a video appointment or showroom appointment.

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