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Keep it Cool & Stylish this Summer

8 January, 2017

With summer well and truly here, one of the best things about dressing up during these cooler month's is a chance to get into more of the bolder suiting choices. When we think of suiting in the summer, it's easy to be drawn away with visions of yourself cooking in an unnecessarily heavy material, boiling and sweat dripping down with the worst.

One of the most iconic summer suits in modern time was the tan gabardine suit worn by Daniel Craig in Spectre. The colour (light and bold) and composition (quarter lined 51% wool, 41% linen and 8% silk fabric) are ideally what should be come the mainstay of summer. This particular suit isn't the first time Bond has gone for such an ensemble. We've also seen the same bold choice in For Your Eyes Only and Octopussy.


With that in mind we present the best summer suits around, proving that summer doesn't = slacking off on the style game.

1. Change up the shirts


A summer suit is built for a casual polo or print shirt or but keep an emphasis on the suit with a standout check or colour. Once again the aim here is to still go for the lightweight fabric.

2. Break it up.


Pitti Uomo is always a great place to spot some modern twists on classic suiting: sneakers with suits, white trousers, print jackets etc. With one of the bi-annual gatherings being held in summer, the rest of the sartorial world's eyes and cameras are fixed on the Italian city of Florence and the street style it produces for a few days every year.

3. Go for alternative fabrics.


Cotton and linen make good options anytime from September onwards. Ideally this is the only time you can be caught mixing between jacket and trouser blends with good reason.

4. Experiment with military styles


Summer doesn’t rule out a double breasted. Once again, switch it up with the half or quarter lined fabric, unbuttoned shirt and you’re on your way towards cutting a more dapper look. Similarly military style jackets can cut a sharp shape.

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