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Italian Suiting Style

1 April, 2019

Long lunches, an eye for detail and seemingly effortless style, the Italian way of life is rooted in a relaxed and yet thoughtful approach to everything, whether it be food, design or the work day. The Italian style of suit has its own trademark flair embodying this spirit of ‘la dolce vita’. Pour yourself a Negroni and read our four tips to mastering Italian style, amici.

Fit is King

If there’s one thing Italians do well it’s fit. Remember the mantra, ragazzi: opt for quality and fit, not quantity. Obviously when purchasing custom, tailored from InStitchu the fit is guaranteed to be spot on, find a good Stylist and make them your best friend (if you don’t have one, we suggest you ask some of your more stylish colleagues and friends for their references, without being too stalkerish). Then, ensure they see everything you buy; wander the streets of Milan and you’ll note that even jeans, jackets and chinos finish and fit perfectly.

Make Friends with Fabrics

If a British gentleman always wears wool, it is perhaps a signature of Italian style to play with different fabrics. Linen, cotton, silk, different thicknesses of wool… There is a world of different fabrics out there (we have a pretty superb range to get you started) and it’s the easiest way to add depth, interest and versatility to your wardrobe. While your favourite navy wool two-button will take you through all seasons, finding seasonal specialists (like linen in summer and a quality woollen coat for winter) makes sense from a stylistic and practical sense.

Relax on the Details

True Italian style is effortless. It looks relaxed, casual and unpretentious, almost as though it’s accidental. The thing is, a heck of a lot of effort goes into looking that effortless! Focus on fit, quality and occasion (don’t wear a bow tie to work; it’s a formal event accessory!) and you should be fine. Details like patch pockets, side tabs and cuffed trousers (all of which we offer at InStitchu) help to show there’s thoughtfulness in your choices and look (not to mention that casual mood) without overdoing the effect.

Signature Style

It sounds simple enough, but not enough men dress to their strengths. Do your best to ignore trends and fashions - they expire, and then so do your garments. Italians understand that the best way to spend (and invest) wisely is to buy timeless garments that suit you and make you feel confident, year after year. Double breasted jackets help to tuck your tummy in? Invest in a range of fabrics and styles, from summer to winter and casual to formal. Sweat less in linen? Get your hands on some custom, tailored linen suits (or linen blends that will be more sturdy) in darker shades that will be more versatile year-round. Wear your suits pretty hard? Robust navy Australian Merino wool tailored suits will age better and last longer. Find what works for you and double down without worrying what everybody else is doing.

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