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InStitchu Men's Grooming Guide: Shaving Guide

24 July, 2017

If you can't get into a barber for a professional Hot Towel Shave, the guys at Kings Domain have provided you with some tips to get a crisp, clean shave at home.

Pre Shave

It is best to shave with soft hair; either shave after you shower or place a damp towel (pour boiling water over it and wring it out) and give your face a light steam. This opens up your skin, softens the hairs to help with a smoother and irritation free shave. To assist with the shaving cream lather, apply a pre-shave cream (Peraso).

Shaving Cream

Use a shaving cream with a badger brush. This will help to create a nice lather and will also lift the hair up off the skin for a closer shave. Ensure it doesn't dry before you begin shaving. We use Taylor of Old Bond Street Cream.


Shave with the grain in short, quick strokes, maintaining tight tension in the skin. After you have completed a once over, you can reapply the lather and go over and shave against the grain to collect the remainder.


Rinse with cold water to refresh and tighten up your pores.


Ensure you moisturise after your shave and apply any post-shave oils or cream you like.

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