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How to Cut your InStitchu American Style Sack Suit

24 July, 2017

The sack suit has its origins to 1850's to 1960's tailoring manuals and peaked in its popularity in the 1960's thanks to preppy Ivy League students & JFK.

The sack suit is constructed of only two pieces of fabric on the back, compared to modern suits with 2+ pieces allowing for better shape of contours. This construction method resembled a casual 'sack' type fit.

The sack suit at the height of its popularity was the ready-to-wear suit for the American upper class. It was the counterpart to the English lounge suit. Brooks Brothers or J.Press would arguably be best associated with this ivy-prep style.

Outside of the U.S. and till today, the sack suit has garnered comments like "baggy or ill fitting" or "it makes a man look like he doesn't know what he was doing".

The basis of the American sack suit is its natural shoulders and straight fit. Its tubular silhouette and natural, non-padded shoulders represent the casual dressed down take on formal wear offered by the American East Coast and its Ivy League Colleges.


Natural shoulders characterized the sack suit, combined with a roomier fit. Its two-button, single-breasted structure and casual notch lapel and single back vent completed the relaxed vibe. As for the pants, a hem at the bottom will ensure you are inline with the style. All of these design options are easily constructed on our online suit builder. For the roomier fit, simply select 'regular' not 'slim' or 'super slim' or you could add a couple of centimeters onto your waist measurement.

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