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Routine Affair: How To Make The Most Of Being Stuck At Home

12 July, 2021

Starting to go crazy already? Have you been leaning in to the hermit lifestyle a little too aggressively? Whether you’re working from home, feeling the sting of isolation or looking for a new challenge (chin up: it’s happening to the best of us) there are a number of fresh challenges to adapt to each day. Here are some tips on making the most of your day and keeping your positive momentum up.

1. Design Your Environment

Where you work makes a huge difference to your mood and productivity. If you’ve never worked from home before, it will be difficult to resist the initial temptation to move your office operation to bed, and eat/sleep/live within the comfy surrounds of those few square metres. Don’t fall for the trap! Not only will it be difficult to get started and knuckle down, it will also be harder to switch off at the end of the day.  Instead, spend some time carving out a work-only area that feels right for you. And have some fun - it might be the first time you’ve ever been able to design where you work! Ignore those curmudgeons who tell you to find a quiet room to yourself and figure out what works for you. If you’re used to a buzzing office, the spare room might leave you feeling like Tom Hanks in Castaway before the end of breakfast. Do ensure there’s good lighting (preferably natural) and a chair that treats your back well.


2. Design Your Day

If you’re used to a routine, the sudden freedom of a day (or a month) at home, without a boss looking over your shoulder, can be a little intimidating. Try to put some times around your day - an hour to get to your desk, an hour for lunch, a clear finish time... And then try to break up your work day with clear goals, based on what you need to do. Usually, the endless onslaught of meetings, transport and coffee breaks act as little punctuation marks for your day. Without them, the big blocks of time can feel more intimidating. 

If, like many at the moment, your job is less secure (or gone completely) mark some time for planning ahead - what are the steps you’ll need to take to ensure you can cover rent? Are there any passion projects or ad hoc gigs you can pursue while you’re waiting it out? Is this a good chance to learn how to code or learn a language or do that online course that will put you in better stead once the jobs market opens back up? Putting your plans on paper, even if they’re bad weather plans, will help you feel less stressed and more under control. And, of course, don’t forget to schedule in some exercise - it’ll get those endorphins pumping and make a big difference to your mood and productivity.


3. Design Yourself

Small differences will, in the end, make a big difference. If you’ve, for years, started every morning with a shower, combing your hair and putting on a clean collared shirt, your brain will inevitably associate that process with work. Making the effort with small details like personal hygiene, clothes and hair will ensure positive momentum starts first thing and continues throughout the day.

Trust us: ditch the trackies and reach for the tailored goodies. If a suit is too much, stick to chinos and a collared shirt. As well as helping with your mood, it’ll ensure you’re well presented if (and when) you get sudden video calls with colleagues or clients (which is bound to happen).

And, of course, treat this time as a great opportunity for building out your wardrobe - have some fun and get designing online from home on an entirely new custom work wardrobe for when you head back, or go for some amazing custom, tailored chinos and collared shirts to help you ride out the isolation without going too crazy - a little pick me up that arrives in the post direct to your door. If you have ordered with us before from a Showroom your measurements are saved to your InStitchu profile, simply login, get designing and select your measurement profile at checkout.  If you haven’t ordered with us before, order a free fabric kit with measuring tape to your door, and follow our simple video guides to entering your body or favourite garment measurements to your profile—if you have any troubles, you can also arrange for a video appointment with one of our Stylists who can lend a helping hand or second opinion.


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