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How to Layer Under Your Suit This Winter

31 March, 2021

As the months fly past and the mercury drops, refuge from the crisp winter mornings and evenings can be find by adding some layers to your everyday work suit. From a sweater to a coat and a waistcoat, hee are our tips on getting it right.


The Vest

A great option to add warmth and retain formality for the workplace is the addition of a vest. You've got two main options - a matching fabric, or a contrasting one. With a matching vest we suggest cutting it with three buttons, matching pockets and the strap/fabric option at the back. The three button configuration will create a comfortable and casual look between your shirt, vest and tie, compared to the stuffy five button look. Just remember that when you lose the jacket, roll your shirt sleeves up (and potentially loosen the tie) - a vest without a jacket can easily look like a waiter's uniform, if those laid-back details aren't done right. For inspiration, check out our vests here.


The contrasting vest can be trickier to execute but works with a bit of thought. We suggest keeping the textures and colours simple. Be wary of anything with black - the accidental school formal look, the kid who pieces together a uniform from whatever is handy in their dad's closet, is something you need to steer clear of. And be similarly wary of fabrics that are too close in colour or pattern - again, it can look like it was accidental, rather than intentional. Instead, look for complementary yet contrasting shades, like navy and charcoal, while ensuring the patterns don't clash (ie. checks on checks).

The V-Neck Sweater

A tried and tested look, there are a few things to keep in mind if you're layering a sweater under a suit jacket.

The first is investing in quality. A sweater crafted from 100% Merino wool (or potentially cashmere, or a cashmere blend) will always look the part, rather than the poor breathability and durability of cheap blends. It will look better, last longer and feel more comfortable.

The second consideration is colour. When it comes to colour, you've got the whole spectrum at your disposal. It's more about ensuring the colour of the sweater works with the scheme of the other garments - a red V-neck will inevitably clash with a green tie, but works delightfully with a navy suit, white shirt and navy tie. Embrace colour, but think of the outfit as a whole. See our range of knitwear here.



The Coat

A quality overcoat is one of the eaisest and most versatile ways to layer for colder months. Stick with a classic style that flatters your body shape, whether that's single or double breasted, and lean in to classic/neutral shades and patterns. Navy, a grey houndstooth, or a windowpane in grey or blue, will complement a range of suits and never date - they've been menswear staples for decades. The quality of the materials, as always, is essential, particularly in the fluctuating Australian climate - when crafted from Australian Merino wool, cashmere or a blend of both, the garments will be warm and yet breathable, meaning you won't be sweating as the day gets on. One of the best parts about a woollen overcoat is that it can be worn with a variety of outfits - throw it over a knit to the footy, wear it with a tee, smart denim and a scarf on date night, or keep it for special events over a tailored suit. It's a versatile, practical garment that, even though you may only get a few months wear of each year, will remain a go-to for the next decade

Have a go designing your own vest with our online suit builder, or if you would like, make a booking with our Sydney or Melbourne showrooms to design your own.

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