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Looking the Part: How to Dress Like a Leader in the Workplace

10 July, 2019

There are a million proverbs relating to dressing for work: whether you’re ‘dressing to impress’, ‘dressing for your next promotion’ or ‘dressing to make a good first impression’, the common theme is that your clothes can make a real and tangible difference to how you are perceived. Here are some tips on establishing some workplace credibility with your sartorial selections.

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The Perfect Fit

It doesn’t matter if you’re wearing the most expensive fabrics in the world and a million dandy accessories if the fit of your suit is sloppy. It is the single most important part of your workplace attire, and it’s something we’ve staked our entire brand on. Sleeves that are too long, trousers that touch the ground, jackets that hang off the frame or pull where they shouldn’t; little details of fit and form are the key to looking like you’re in charge of your personal style (and the workplace).  Choose made-to-measure for a flawless fit. 

Layer Like a Corporate Player

Every respectable corporate needs a few safe suiting staples in navy and charcoal, but the extra additions of quality layering garments over Winter can make the difference in establishing yourself as a man with confidence and authority. Primarily, we’re thinking of the addition of a made-to-measure vest or a custom overcoat, over the cooler months. Not only do these garments remain in style year-in year-out (meaning you’re getting your money's worth) they’ll enable you to inject some extra seriousness (and style) in to your outfits for those days that you need it. Confidence starts on the inside, but the outside helps too.

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Attention to Detail

Fit may be king, but the devil is the details. From fabrics to lining, buttons, silhouettes, collars, lapels and more, InStitchu provides customers with an endless amount of ways to customise your garment. It’s these little differences that allow true workplace leaders to stand out from the crowd, as it helps cultivate a personal style and a sense of individuality that those in charge inevitably possess.

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Accessorise (Wisely)

Another way to stamp individuality, confidence and flair on your corporate attire is to play carefully with accessories. Whether that’s a classic pocket-square, the perfect tie, some playful socks or an elegant watch, there’s a range of ways to begin to build your personality through thoughtful accessories. Just be wary of overdoing the quantity and flashiness of your accessories, or risk looking a little too ostentatious. We suggest picking one quality accessory staple, and then building out your collection, so that in time it can become a signature of your confidence and style.

Take charge today—book an appointment with an InStitchu personal Stylist today to find out more on how to dress like a leader.



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