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Three Lessons On Dressing Well From The Screen

10 February, 2021

While the usual suspects of Bond and Draper are considered style icons for a reason, there’s a world of lesser-appreciated well-dressed gentlemen that have graced the silver screen. Here’s a few of our favourite underrated icons from recent years. 

Chris Evans, Knives Out

The 2009 mystery/comedy from Rian Johnson was a much needed bite of fun and silliness in a year in desperate need for just that, but it’s also put up one of the style turns of the year. Chris Evans’ sharp-dressing character, saluting old-school Ivy League style, is a masterclass in classic layering. A cream cable knit jumper, worn with a perfectly fitted camel overcoat and a paisley scarf, is the real star of the film.   

The Style Lesson: when it comes to casual or smart/casual garments, perfect fit and high quality production make all the difference. Invest in the best, and you’ll get more wear out of them - they’ll work with everything you own, last longer and ooze sophistication over many seasons. Shop our chinos and knitwear.


Colin Firth, A Single Man

The very emotional and impeccably crafted film from 2009 was directed by the designer Tom Ford, so it makes total sense that his style is equally remarkable. Set in the 60s, Firth plays an English Professor struggling with the death of his longtime partner. Suited in a time-appropriate but exceptionally well executed example of classic tailoring, it’s a subdued and elegant move, capturing the timeless style of the decade and the perfectionist nature of the character equally.   

The Style Lesson: Simple suits, plain ties and white shirts are classic staples for a reason. If they are made of high quality wool, constructed well, and fit perfectly, they’re the ultimate power play. Shop our classic suits here.


Ryan Gosling, Blade Runner 2049

It’s a tough look to pull off - a long leather coat with shearling lining, beautifully fitted and totally unique, showing the sort of patina and wear that suggests it’s been the character’s go-to choice for decades. Can you make it work? Probably not, but we can’t all be movie stars, and that doesn’t mean you can’t take some style cues from those who are.

Style Lesson: find that one garment that works for you, and commit to it. A signature style or garment, and one that’s high quality, timeless and well-fitted, is what we all dream about. Experiment slowly, cautiously, looking for something that works for your body shape, your personality, and your life, and then go for gold. See our range of overcoats here.


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