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The Foundations of the Perfect Suit

16 November, 2017

Just as you wouldn’t build a skyscraper without digging deep into the earth and laying the correct footings, and you wouldn’t drop a grand on a horse in the last minute at Flemington without first studying the form-guide, neither would you construct a suit until its foundations are perfect.


And while the fabric, such as pure Australian Merino wool, or linen is obviously important, it’s what you can’t see that makes an exceptional suit. InStitchu have always respected the age-old tailoring practice, whereby all the foundations are fastidiously laid before the first stitch is sewn. 


It all starts with the measurements. Once your measurements have been taken, our work then begins. This is where we put the custom in custom-made; a suit that is truly made for you and only you (unless of course you have an identical twin). Your suit will be made to your specific design options and unlike an off-the-rack suit, this one will actually fit your body. Like a tiger’s stripes, no two custom, made-to-measure suits are alike. That’s what makes them unique. A one-of-a-kind suit or shirt pattern is created from the measurements and, using this pattern, the fabric is laser-cut using high-tech Gerber technology. The next process is one of the most important - the creation of the canvas by our Savile Row trained tailors. Every great suit is built around a jacket canvas. The canvas is the support that gives the suit its shape and allows it to develop the personality of its owner. For hundreds of years, tailors have honoured the tradition of the canvas, crafting the jacket from the inside out.


In all our suits, we employ a premium Freudenburg canvas; a lightweight blend of cotton, horsehair and mohair that allows the garment to maintain its structural integrity through its front.

We abstain from using the lower-cost ‘heat-fused canvas’ and instead employ a superior ‘floating canvas’, sewn by our master craftsmen into the lapels and arms. This construction allows the canvas to ‘float’ on the body, while the outer fabric is free to move elegantly and fluidly. The bottom line: the suit will last longer and you will look fabulous. With your canvas constructed and your suit complete, our team carry out a final quality check of your garment. We accept nothing but perfection. This is why our customers keep coming back to us. 


Finally, your garment is complete and ready for a second fitting. Have your garment sent directly to your doorstop, or book a fitting appointment at the showroom and enjoy a beer or whiskey on us.  After all, you made it.

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