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Flash Your Lining

17 January, 2019

The beauty of custom is that creativity is at your fingertips. Often underrated and overlooked, the lining of your jacket is the perfect place to allow your creativity juices to come into play—and a great way to add flair whilst appearing classic and conventional on the outside...

The beauty here lies in the discretion—think a charcoal grey power suit, with a circus lining...We asked some of our Stylists and customers to flash their lining, and looked into the reasoning behind their jovial choices.

Flash Your Lining 1.jpg

“The particular artwork I chose to have on my lining really is such a captivating work that resonated with the class and etiquette that I want to embody. My lining is personal to me...” —Igee Okafor (Influencer, New York City)

Flash Your Lining 2.jpg

“New York City is my home, so I want to wear a piece of my home with me, wherever I go, when I put on my custom InStitchu suit. It’s a relatively subtle suit on the outside, but this lining gives it an extra kick!” —Rodney Wallace (Footballer, New York City)

Flash Your Lining 3.jpg

“I've always been a fan of something dark and quirky, and this has been incorporated in the jewellery and accessories that I wear—why not add it to my lining as well?” —Dave Chapman (InStitchu Showroom Manager, Sydney)

Flash Your Lining 4.jpg

“Alongside my personal monogram, I loved choosing the lining for this suit. I chose it because I usually go for pretty simple stuff, never prints, but if it’s on the inside, so I though it couldn't hurt to change things up a bit!” —Brent Richardson (Rugby Coach for the Brooklyn Kings, New York City)

Flash Your Lining 5.jpg

“I chose cognac and cigars because I’m a baller!” —Paul Wilcox (Client, New Zealand)

Flash Your Lining 6.jpg

“This lining embodies my favourite thing...travelling!” —Rob Gregg (Shoe Designer, New York City)

We may have sparked your creativity, however there is so much more to see - step into our Showrooms for an old-world tailoring experience, where you can take a flip through our lining books, with hundreds of lining options to choose from. Book a fitting here.  

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