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Dressing Down: The Double-Breasted Blazer

24 July, 2017

I often preach the importance of versatility in every article of clothing we wear. By versatility, I mean being able to dress up, or dress down a piece of clothing, whilst also making sure it transcends seasons.

For the longest time, the double-breasted suit/blazer has remained one of the most formal, and prestigious articles of clothing ever constructed. While I appreciate the more ceremonial characteristics of this item of clothing, I'm always looking for unconventional ways to change perspective, so I don't feel restricted or stuck in a personal style rut. In light of demonstrating this, I'm showing that the double-breasted blazer can also work in a more easy going setting. 


When it comes to styling the double-breasted blazer in a more casual way, it's important not to overanalyse. The major key is working with the same formula you would typically use with a regular jacket or a single-breasted blazer.

Wearing a huge statement piece such as the double-breasted blazer, you want to keep, and embody a sense of cohesiveness. Aside from keeping things simplistic with the amount of pieces included in the ensemble, another way of making sure of that, is keeping a clean colour palette. For reference, you can choose a neutral, but attentive colour scheme.

The double-breasted blazer craze continues to come and go. No doubt, it's a timeless and classic piece. Why not maintain its relevance by having a little fun with it? 

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